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Summary Library implementing the 'SemVer' scheme (3.9)
Package version 2.9.0
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Maintainer Python Automaton
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Last modified 22 FEB 2022, 02:10:24 UTC
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single Introduction ============ This small python library provides a few tools to handle `SemVer`_ in Python. It follows strictly the 2.0.0 version of the SemVer scheme. :alt: Latest Version :alt: Supported Python versions :alt: Wheel status :alt: License Links ----- - Package on `PyPI`_: - Doc on [ReadTheDocs]: - Source on [GitHub]: - Build on Github Actions: - Semantic Version specification: `SemVer`_ Getting started =============== Install the package from `PyPI`_, using pip: .. code-block:: sh pip install semantic_version Or from GitHub: .. code-block:: sh $ git clone git:// Import it in your code: .. code-block:: python import semantic_version This module provides classes to handle semantic versions: - Version represents a version number (``0.1.1-alpha+build.2012-05-15``) - BaseSpec-derived classes represent requirement specifications (``>=0.1.1,<0.3.0``): - SimpleSpec describes a natural description syntax - NpmSpec is used for NPM-style range descriptions. Versions -------- Defining a Version is quite simple: .. code-block:: pycon >>> import semantic_version >>> v = semantic_version.Version('0.1.1') >>> v.major 0 >>> v.minor 1 >>> v.patch 1 >>> v.prerelease [] >>> [] >>> list(v) [0, 1, 1, [], []] If the provided version string is invalid, a ValueError will be raised: .. code-block:: pycon >>> semantic_version.Version('0.1') Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in File "/Users/rbarrois/dev/semantic_version/src/semantic_version/", line 64, in __init__ major, minor, patch, prerelease, build = self.parse(version_string, partial) File "/Users/rbarrois/dev/semantic_version/src/semantic_version/", line 86, in parse raise ValueError('Invalid version string: %r' % version_string) ValueError: Invalid version string: '0.1' One may also create a Version with named components: .. code-block:: pycon >>> semantic_version.Version(major=0, minor=1, patch=2)
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python-setuptools-rust:py39 Setuptools Rust extension plugin (3.9)