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Summary Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3 (3.9)
Package version 1.24.8
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
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Last modified 26 FEB 2022, 15:49:49 UTC
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single botocore ======== |Version| |Python| |License| A low-level interface to a growing number of Amazon Web Services. The botocore package is the foundation for the [AWS CLI] as well as [boto3]. Botocore is maintained and published by `Amazon Web Services`_. Notices ------- On 2021-01-15, deprecation for Python 2.7 was announced and support was dropped on 2021-07-15. To avoid disruption, customers using Botocore on Python 2.7 may need to upgrade their version of Python or pin the version of Botocore. For more information, see this [blog post]. On 2022-05-30, we will be dropping support for Python 3.6. This follows the Python Software Foundation [end of support] for the runtime which occurred on 2021-12-23. For more information, see this [blog post]. :alt: Python Versions :alt: Package Version :alt: License Getting Started --------------- Assuming that you have Python and virtualenv installed, set up your environment and install the required dependencies like this or you can install the library using pip: .. code-block:: sh $ git clone $ cd botocore $ virtualenv venv ... $ . venv/bin/activate $ pip install -r requirements.txt $ pip install -e . .. code-block:: sh $ pip install botocore Using Botocore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After installing botocore Next, set up credentials (in e.g. ``~/.aws/credentials``): .. code-block:: ini [default] aws_access_key_id = YOUR_KEY aws_secret_access_key = YOUR_SECRET Then, set up a default region (in e.g. ``~/.aws/config``): .. code-block:: ini [default] region=us-east-1 Other credentials configuration method can be found [here] Then, from a Python interpreter: .. code-block:: python >>> import botocore.session >>> session = botocore.session.get_session() >>> client = session.create_client('ec2') >>> print(client.describe_instances()) Getting Help ------------ We use GitHub issues for tracking bugs and feature requests and have limited bandwidth to address them. Please use these community resources for getting help. Please note many of the same resources available for boto3 are applicable for botocore: * Ask a question on [Stack Overflow] and tag it with [boto3] * Open a support ticket with [AWS Support] * If it turns out that you may have found a bug, please [open an issue] Contributing ------------ We value feedback and contributions from our community. Whether it's a bug report, new feature, correction, or additional documentation, we welcome your issues and pull requests. Please read through this [CONTRIBUTING]
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