Port variant py310
Summary Extended commonmark compliant parser (3.10)
Package version 2.0.0
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants v11
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single # MyST-Parser [![Github-CI][github-ci]][github-link] [![Coverage Status][codecov-badge]][codecov-link] [![Documentation Status][rtd-badge]][rtd-link] [![Code style: black][black-badge]][black-link] [![PyPI][pypi-badge]][pypi-link] [![Conda][conda-badge]][conda-link] [![PyPI - Downloads][install-badge]][install-link] **MyST is a rich and extensible flavor of Markdown meant for technical documentation and publishing**. MyST is a flavor of markdown that is designed for simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility. This repository serves as the reference implementation of MyST Markdown, as well as a collection of tools to support working with MyST in Python and Sphinx. It contains an extended [CommonMark]-compliant parser using [`markdown-it-py`], as well as a [Sphinx] extension that allows you to write MyST Markdown in Sphinx. [**See the MyST Parser documentation for more information**]. ## Installation To install the MyST parser, run the following in a [Conda environment] (recommended): ```bash conda install -c conda-forge myst-parser ` or `bash pip install myst-parser ``` Or for package development: ```bash git clone cd MyST-Parser git checkout master pip install -e .[code_style,testing,rtd] ``` To use the MyST parser in Sphinx, simply add: `extensions = ["myst_parser"]` to your ``. ## Contributing We welcome all contributions! See the [Contributing Guide] for more details. [github-ci]: [github-link]: [codecov-badge]: [codecov-link]: [rtd-badge]: [rtd-link]: [black-badge]: [pypi-badge]: [pypi-link]: [conda-badge]: [conda-link]: [black-link]: [install-badge]: [install-link]:
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