Port variant py39
Summary Python package development process library (3.9)
Package version 65.6.3
Keywords python, devel, sysutils
Maintainer nobody
License MIT
Other variants py310
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Last modified 24 NOV 2022, 22:05:35 UTC
Port created 21 APR 2017, 15:09:55 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single ``Setuptools`` is a collection of enhancements to the Python ``distutils`` (for Python 2.6 and up) that allow developers to more easily build and distribute Python packages, especially ones that have dependencies on other packages.
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
PY310 OFF Build using Python 3.10 PY39 ON Build using Python 3.9
Package Dependencies by Type
Build and Runtime python39:single:standard
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main mirror://PYPI/s/setuptools
Distribution File Information
a7620757bf984b58deaf32fc8a4577a9bbc0850cf92c20e1ce41c38c19e5fb75 2617699 setuptools-65.6.3.tar.gz
Ports that require python-setuptools:py39
ansible:standard Radically simple IT automation
arandr:standard Another XRandR graphical user interface
asciidoc:standard Text document format for short documents
itstool:standard ITS-based XML translation tool
langkit:standard Syntactic and semantic language analysis compiler
mercurial:standard Scalable distributed version control system
meson:standard High performance build system
python-MarkupSafe:py39 Jinja2.Markup string implementation module (3.9)
python-Pillow:py39 Python Imaging Library (Fork) (3.9)
python-PyAudio:py39 Bindings for PortAudio v19 (3.9)
python-PyGObject:py39 Python bindings for GObject Introspection (3.9)
python-PyNaCl:py39 Binding to NaCl Cryptography library (3.9)
python-PyYAML:py39 YAML parser and emitter for Python (3.9)
python-SQLAlchemy:py39 Database Abstraction Library (3.9)
python-anyjson:py39 Multiple JSON library wrapper (3.9)
python-atomicwrites:py39 Atomic file writes (3.9)
python-bcrypt:py39 Modern password hashing based on blowfish (3.9)
python-borgbackup:py39 Deduplicated, encrypted, compressed backups (3.9)
python-cffi:py39 Foreign Function Interface, C (3.9)
python-cffsubr:py39 CFF subroutinizer based on AFDKO tx tool (3.9)
python-compreffor:py39 CFF subroutinizer for fontTools (3.9)
python-configobj:py39 Config file reading, writing and validation (3.9)
python-coreschema:py39 Core Schema (3.9)
python-coverage:py39 Code coverage measurement for Python (3.9)
python-cryptography:py39 Cryptographic recipes and primitives (3.9)
python-cssmin:py39 YUI compression algorithm (3.9)
python-e3-core:py39 E3 core. Tools and library for building and (3.9)
python-flask-swagger:py39 Extract swagger specs from flask project (3.9)
python-flex:py39 Swagger Schema validation (3.9)
python-fs:py39 Python's filesystem abstraction layer (3.9)
python-fusepy:py39 Simple ctypes bindings for FUSE (3.9)
python-future:py39 Compatibility layer for python 2 apps (3.9)
python-gnupg:py39 Python wrapper for GnuPG (3.9)
python-htmlmin:py39 HTML Minifier with seatbelts (3.9)
python-intervaltree:py39 Editable interval tree data structure (3.9)
python-ioflo:py39 Flow Programming Automated Reasoning Engine (3.9)
python-kitchen:py39 Cornucopia of useful code (3.9)
python-lazy-object-proxy:py39 Fast and thorough lazy object proxy (3.9)
python-libversion:py39 Python bindings for libversion (3.9)
python-lxml:py39 Binding to libxml2 and libxslt libraries (3.9)
python-msgpack:py39 MessagePack serializer (3.9)
python-netifaces:py39 Portable network interface information (3.9)
python-numpy:py39 Array computing for Python (3.9)
python-openapi-codec:py39 OpenAPI codec for Core API (3.9)
python-pandas:py39 Data structures for time series, statistics (3.9)
python-pip:py39 PyPA tool for installing python packages (3.9)
python-progressbar:py39 Text progress bar library for Python (3.9)
python-psautohint:py39 Wrapper for Adobe's PostScript autohinter (3.9)
python-psutil:py39 Process utilities module (3.9)
python-psycopg2:py39 Python-PostgreSQL Database Adapter (3.9)
python-pycairo:py39 Bindings for cairo graphics library (3.9)
python-pyclipper:py39 Cython wrapper for the AJ Clipper library (3.9)
python-pycountry:py39 ISO country and language databases (3.9)
python-pycryptodomex:py39 Cryptographic library for Python (3.9)
python-pycups:py39 Python bindings for libcups (3.9)
python-pygit2:py39 Python bindings for libgit2 (3.9)
python-pyocr:py39 Wrapper for OCR engines (Tesseract, etc) (3.9)
python-pyzmq:py39 Python bindings for 0MQ (3.9)
python-raet:py39 Reliable Asynchronous Event Transport (3.9)
python-rcssmin:py39 CSS Minifier (3.9)
python-regex:py39 Alternative regular expression module (3.9)
python-reportlab:py39 Library for generating PDFs and graphics (3.9)
python-rjsmin:py39 Javascript Minifier (3.9)
python-ruamel.yaml.clib:py39 C based yaml reader/scanner and emitter (3.9)
python-rubymarshal:py39 Read and write Ruby-marshalled data (3.9)
python-salt:py39 Remote execution and config mgmt system (3.9)
python-scipy:py39 Scientific library for Python (3.9)
python-setuptools-rust:py39 Setuptools Rust extension plugin (3.9)
python-setuptools-scm:py39 Package to manage versions by scm tags (3.9)
python-sh:py39 Python subprocess replacement (3.9)
python-simplejson:py39 Fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder (3.9)
python-sip:py39 Bindings generator for C/C++ libraries (3.9)
python-skia-pathops:py39 Skia library bindings (3.9)
python-sphinxcontrib-adadomain:py39 Sphinx "adadomain" extension (3.9)
python-sqlite3:py39 Python 3.9 bindings to the SQLite3 library
python-strict-rfc3339:py39 Lightweight RFC 3399 timestamp functions (3.9)
python-tornado:py39 Web framework and asynchronous networking (3.9)
python-typed-ast:py39 Ast module with type comment support (3.9)
python-typogrify:py39 Filters to enhance web typography (3.9)
python-validate_email:py39 E-mail format and existence checks (3.9)
python-vcversioner:py39 Extract version from version control tag (3.9)
python-vobject:py39 Parser for iCalendar and vCard files (3.9)
python-wrapt:py39 Decorators, wrappers and monkey patching (3.9)
python-xml2rfc:py39 Request For Comment authoring with XML (3.9)
python-zope.interface:py39 Interfaces for Python (3.9)
radicale:py39 CalDAV and CardDAV Server (3.9)
recoll:standard Full text search tool based on Xapian backend
scons:standard Alternative build tool competing with make
uwsgi:standard Fast, self-healing, application container server
youtube-dl:standard Program for downloading videos from
zim:standard Desktop wiki and notekeeper