Port variant standard
Summary Xfce utility library for non-GUI components
Package version 4.14.0
Keywords x11
Maintainer Michael Reim
License LGPL20+
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 17 AUG 2019, 19:40:58 UTC
Port created 26 JUN 2018, 21:21:58 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
complete This is the libxfce4util-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of libxfce4util-standard.
primary This is the basic utility library for the Xfce 4 desktop environment. It contains non-GUI functions that other parts build upon.
docs This is the documents subpackage of the libxfce4util-standard port.
nls Localization data for libxfce4util.
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Build (only) gmake:single:standard
Build and Runtime gettext:runtime:standard
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32ad79b7992ec3fd863e8ff2f03eebda8740363ef9d7d910a35963ac1c1a6324 516358 libxfce4util-4.14.0.tar.bz2
Ports that require libxfce4util:standard
xfce4-notifyd:standard Simple notification daemon for Xfce
xfce4-session:standard Session manager for the Xfce DE
xfconf:standard Simple client-server configuration system for Xfce
xfdesktop:standard Desktop manager for the Xfce DE