Port variant py310
Summary C based yaml reader/scanner and emitter (3.10)
Package version 0.2.6
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants py39
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Last modified 20 NOV 2021, 04:14:38 UTC
Port created 29 NOV 2020, 06:56:42 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single ruamel.yaml.clib ================ ``ruamel.yaml.clib`` is the C based reader/scanner and emitter for ruamel.yaml :version: 0.2.2 :updated: 2020-09-04 :documentation: :repository: :pypi: This package was split of from ruamel.yaml, so that ruamel.yaml can be build as a universal wheel. Apart from the C code seldom changing, and taking a long time to compile for all platforms, this allows installation of the .so on Linux systems under /usr/lib64/pythonX.Y (without a .pth file or a ruamel directory) and the Python code for ruamel.yaml under /usr/lib/pythonX.Y. .. image:: :target:
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
PY310 ON Build using Python 3.10 PY39 OFF Build using Python 3.9
Package Dependencies by Type
Build (only) python-setuptools:single:py310
Build and Runtime python310:single:standard
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main mirror://PYPI/r/ruamel.yaml.clib
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4ff604ce439abb20794f05613c374759ce10e3595d1867764dd1ae675b85acbd 180695 ruamel.yaml.clib-0.2.6.tar.gz
Ports that require python-ruamel.yaml.clib:py310
python-ruamel.yaml:py310 YAML 1.2 parser/emitter (3.10)