Port variant py310
Summary Determines platform-specific directores (3.10)
Package version 1.4.4
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
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single the problem =========== What directory should your app use for storing user data? If running on Mac OS X, you should use:: ~/Library/Application Support/ If on Windows (at least English Win XP) that should be:: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Local Settings\\ or possibly:: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\\ for [roaming profiles] but that is another story. On Linux (and other Unices) the dir, according to the [XDG spec], is:: ~/.local/share/ appdirs to the rescue ========================= This kind of thing is what the appdirs module is for. appdirs will help you choose an appropriate: - user data dir (user_data_dir) - user config dir (user_config_dir) - user cache dir (user_cache_dir) - site data dir (site_data_dir) - site config dir (site_config_dir) - user log dir (user_log_dir) and also: - is a single module so other Python packages can include their own private copy - is slightly opinionated on the directory names used. Look for "OPINION" in documentation and code for when an opinion is being applied. some example output =================== On Mac OS X:: >>> from appdirs import * >>> appname = "SuperApp" >>> appauthor = "Acme" >>> user_data_dir(appname, appauthor) '/Users/trentm/Library/Application Support/SuperApp' >>> site_data_dir(appname, appauthor) '/Library/Application Support/SuperApp' >>> user_cache_dir(appname, appauthor) '/Users/trentm/Library/Caches/SuperApp' >>> user_log_dir(appname, appauthor) '/Users/trentm/Library/Logs/SuperApp' On Windows 7:: >>> from appdirs import * >>> appname = "SuperApp" >>> appauthor = "Acme" >>> user_data_dir(appname, appauthor) 'C:\\Users\\trentm\\AppData\\Local\\Acme\\SuperApp' >>> user_data_dir(appname, appauthor, roaming=True) 'C:\\Users\\trentm\\AppData\\Roaming\\Acme\\SuperApp' >>> user_cache_dir(appname, appauthor) 'C:\\Users\\trentm\\AppData\\Local\\Acme\\SuperApp\\Cache' >>> user_log_dir(appname, appauthor) 'C:\\Users\\trentm\\AppData\\Local\\Acme\\SuperApp\\Logs' On Linux:: >>> from appdirs import * >>> appname = "SuperApp" >>> appauthor = "Acme" >>> user_data_dir(appname, appauthor) '/home/trentm/.local/share/SuperApp >>> site_data_dir(appname, appauthor) '/usr/local/share/SuperApp' >>> site_data_dir(appname, appauthor, multipath=True) '/usr/local/share/SuperApp:/usr/share/SuperApp' >>> user_cache_dir(appname, appauthor) '/home/trentm/.cache/SuperApp' >>> user_log_dir(appname, appauthor) '/home/trentm/.cache/SuperApp/log' >>> user_config_dir(appname) '/home/trentm/.config/SuperApp' >>> site_config_dir(appname) '/etc/xdg/SuperApp' >>> os.environ['XDG_CONFIG_DIRS'] = '/etc:/usr/local/etc' >>> site_config_dir(appname, multipath=True)
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PY310 ON Build using Python 3.10 PY39 OFF Build using Python 3.9
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python-fs:py310 Python's filesystem abstraction layer (3.10)
python-xml2rfc:py310 Request For Comment authoring with XML (3.10)