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Summary Interfaces for Python (3.9)
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single ==================== ``zope.interface`` ==================== :alt: Latest Version :alt: Supported Python versions :alt: Documentation Status This package is intended to be independently reusable in any Python project. It is maintained by the [Zope Toolkit project ]. This package provides an implementation of "object interfaces" for Python. Interfaces are a mechanism for labeling objects as conforming to a given API or contract. So, this package can be considered as implementation of the `Design By Contract`_ methodology support in Python. .. _Design By Contract: For detailed documentation, please see ========= Changes ========= 5.4.0 (2021-04-15) ================== - Make the C implementation of the __providedBy__ descriptor stop ignoring all errors raised when accessing the instance's __provides__. Now it behaves like the Python version and only catches AttributeError. The previous behaviour could lead to crashing the interpreter in cases of recursion and errors. See [issue 239]. - Update the ``repr() and str()`` of various objects to be shorter and more informative. In many cases, the ``repr()`` is now something that can be evaluated to produce an equal object. For example, what was previously printed as `` is now shown as classImplements(list, IMutableSequence, IIterable)``. See [issue 236]. - Make ``Declaration.__add__`` (as in ``implementedBy(Cls) + ISomething``) try harder to preserve a consistent resolution order when the two arguments share overlapping pieces of the interface inheritance hierarchy. Previously, the right hand side was always put at the end of the resolution order, which could easily produce invalid orders. See [issue 193 ]. 5.3.0 (2020-03-21) ================== - No changes from 5.3.0a1 5.3.0a1 (2021-03-18) ==================== - Improve the repr of ``zope.interface.Provides`` to remove ambiguity about what is being provided. This is especially helpful diagnosing IRO issues. - Allow subclasses of BaseAdapterRegistry (including AdapterRegistry and VerifyingAdapterRegistry) to have control over the data structures. This allows persistent implementations such as those based on ZODB to choose more scalable options (e.g., BTrees instead of dicts). See [issue 224 ]. - Fix a reference counting issue in BaseAdapterRegistry that could lead to references to interfaces being kept around even when all utilities/adapters/subscribers providing that interface have been removed. This is mostly an issue for persistent implementations. Note that this only corrects the issue moving forward, it does not solve any already corrupted reference counts. See [issue 227 ]. - Add the method ``BaseAdapterRegistry.rebuild()``. This can be used to fix the reference counting issue mentioned above, as well as to update the data structures when custom data types have changed. - Add the interface method ``IAdapterRegistry.subscribed() and implementation BaseAdapterRegistry.subscribed()`` for querying directly registered subscribers. See [issue 230 ]. - Add the maintenance method ``Components.rebuildUtilityRegistryFromLocalCache()``. Most users will not need this, but it can be useful if the ``Components.utilities registry is suspected to be out of sync with the Components`` object itself (this might happen to persistent Components implementations in the face of bugs). - Fix the Provides and ClassProvides descriptors to stop allowing redundant interfaces (those already implemented by the underlying class or meta class) to produce an inconsistent resolution order. This is similar to the change in ``@implementer``
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