Port variant py39
Summary Cross-platform colored terminal text (3.9)
Package version 0.4.4
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants py310
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Last modified 20 NOV 2021, 04:14:38 UTC
Port created 30 MAY 2020, 18:50:48 UTC
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single :alt: Latest Version :alt: Supported Python versions :alt: Build Status Colorama ======== Makes ANSI escape character sequences (for producing colored terminal text and cursor positioning) work under MS Windows. :alt: Donate with Paypal [PyPI for releases] · [Github for source] · [Colorama for enterprise on Tidelift] If you find Colorama useful, please |donate| to the authors. Thank you! Installation ------------ .. list-table:: :widths: 10 100 * - |tideliftlogo| - Professional support for colorama is available as part of the `Tidelift Subscription`_. Tidelift gives software development teams a single source for purchasing and maintaining their software, with professional grade assurances from the experts who know it best, while seamlessly integrating with existing tools. .. _Tidelift Subscription: Thanks ------ * Marc Schlaich (schlamar) for a ```` fix for Python2.5. * Marc Abramowitz, reported & fixed a crash on exit with closed stdout, providing a solution to issue #7's setuptools/distutils debate, and other fixes. * User 'eryksun', for guidance on correctly instantiating ``ctypes.windll``. * Matthew McCormick for politely pointing out a longstanding crash on non-Win. * Ben Hoyt, for a magnificent fix under 64-bit Windows. * Jesse at Empty Square for submitting a fix for examples in the README. * User 'jamessp', an observant documentation fix for cursor positioning. * User 'vaal1239', Dave Mckee & Lackner Kristof for a tiny but much-needed Win7 fix. * Julien Stuyck, for wisely suggesting Python3 compatible updates to README. * Daniel Griffith for multiple fabulous patches. * Oscar Lesta for a valuable fix to stop ANSI chars being sent to non-tty output. * Roger Binns, for many suggestions, valuable feedback, & bug reports. * Tim Golden for thought and much appreciated feedback on the initial idea. * User 'Zearin' for updates to the README file. * John Szakmeister for adding support for light colors * Charles Merriam for adding documentation to demos * Jurko for a fix on 64-bit Windows CPython2.5 w/o ctypes * Florian Bruhin for a fix when stdout or stderr are None * Thomas Weininger for fixing ValueError on Windows * Remi Rampin for better Github integration and fixes to the README file * Simeon Visser for closing a file handle using 'with' and updating classifiers to include Python 3.3 and 3.4 * Andy Neff for fixing RESET of LIGHT_EX colors. * Jonathan Hartley for the initial idea and implementation.
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
PY310 OFF Build using Python 3.10 PY39 ON Build using Python 3.9
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Build (only) python-pip:single:py39
Build and Runtime python39:single:standard
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9f47eda37229f68eee03b24b9748937c7dc3868f906e8ba69fbcbdd3bc5dc3e2 16028 colorama-0.4.4-py2.py3-none-any.whl
Ports that require python-colorama:py39
python-Sphinx:py39 Python documentation generator (3.9)
python-e3-core:py39 E3 core. Tools and library for building and (3.9)
python-pylint:py39 Python code static checker (3.9)