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Summary Library for versioning python projects (3.10)
Package version 21.3.0
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single Incremental =========== |travis| |pypi| |coverage| Incremental is a small library that versions your Python projects. API documentation can be found [here]. Quick Start ----------- Add this to your ````\ 's ``setup()`` call, removing any other versioning arguments: .. code:: setup( use_incremental=True, setup_requires=['incremental'], install_requires=['incremental'], # along with any other install dependencies ... } Install Incremental to your local environment with ``pip install incremental[scripts]``. Then run ``python -m incremental.update --create``. It will create a file in your package named ```` and look like this: .. code:: from incremental import Version __version__ = Version("widgetbox", 17, 1, 0) __all__ = ["__version__"] Then, so users of your project can find your version, in your root package's ```` add: .. code:: from ._version import __version__ Subsequent installations of your project will then use Incremental for versioning. Incremental Versions -------------------- ``incremental.Version`` is a class that represents a version of a given project. It is made up of the following elements (which are given during instantiation): - package (required), the name of the package this Version represents. - major, minor, micro (all required), the X.Y.Z of your project's Version. - release_candidate (optional), set to 0 or higher to mark this Version being of a release candidate (also sometimes called a "prerelease"). - post (optional), set to 0 or higher to mark this Version as a postrelease. - dev (optional), set to 0 or higher to mark this Version as a development release. You can extract a PEP-440 compatible version string by using the ``.public()`` method, which returns a str containing the full version. This is the version you should provide to users, or publicly use. An example output would be ``"13.2.0"``, ``"17.1.2dev1"``, or ``"18.8.0rc2"``. Calling ``repr() with a Version`` will give a Python-source-code representation of it, and calling ``str() with a Version will provide a string similar to '[Incremental, version 16.10.1]'``. Updating -------- Incremental includes a tool to automate updating your Incremental-using project's version called ``incremental.update``. It updates the ```` file and automatically updates some uses of Incremental versions from an indeterminate version to the current one. It requires click from PyPI. ``python -m incremental.update `` will perform updates on that package. The commands that can be given after that will determine what the next version is. - ``--newversion=``, to set the project version to a fully-specified version (like 1.2.3, or 17.1.0dev1). - ``--rc``, to set the project version to ``..0rc1`` if the current version is not a release candidate, or bump the release candidate number by 1 if it is. - ``--dev``, to set the project development release number to 0 if it is not a development release, or bump the development release number by 1 if it is. - ``--patch``, to increment the patch number of the release. This will also reset the release candidate number, pass ``--rc`` at the same time to
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