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Summary Lil' TOML parser (3.9)
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single [Build Status] [![]]( [PyPI version] # Tomli > A lil' TOML parser **Table of Contents** *generated with [mdformat-toc]* - [Intro] - [Installation] - [Usage] - [Parse a TOML string] - [Parse a TOML file] - [Handle invalid TOML] - [Construct `decimal.Decimal`s from TOML floats] - [FAQ] - [Why this parser?] - [Is comment preserving round-trip parsing supported?] - [Is there a `dumps`, `write` or `encode` function?] - [How do TOML types map into Python types?] - [Performance] ## Intro Tomli is a Python library for parsing [TOML]. Tomli is fully compatible with [TOML v1.0.0]. ## Installation `bash pip install tomli ` ## Usage ### Parse a TOML string ```python import tomli toml_str = """ gretzky = 99 [kurri] jari = 17 """ toml_dict = tomli.loads(toml_str) assert toml_dict == {"gretzky": 99, "kurri": {"jari": 17}} ``` ### Parse a TOML file ```python import tomli with open("path_to_file/conf.toml", "rb") as f: toml_dict = tomli.load(f) ``` The file must be opened in binary mode (with the `"rb"` flag). Binary mode will enforce decoding the file as UTF-8 with universal newlines disabled, both of which are required to correctly parse TOML. ### Handle invalid TOML ```python import tomli try: toml_dict = tomli.loads("]] this is invalid TOML [[") except tomli.TOMLDecodeError: print("Yep, definitely not valid.") ``` Note that error messages are considered informational only. They should not be assumed to stay constant across Tomli versions. ### Construct `decimal.Decimal`s from TOML floats ```python from decimal import Decimal import tomli toml_dict = tomli.loads("precision-matters = 0.982492", parse_float=Decimal) assert toml_dict["precision-matters"] == Decimal("0.982492") ``` Note that `decimal.Decimal` can be replaced with another callable that converts a TOML float from string to a Python type. The `decimal.Decimal` is, however, a practical choice for use cases where float inaccuracies can not be tolerated.
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