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Summary Uncompromising code formatter (PY38)
Package version 21.9b0
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The Uncompromising Code Formatter

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> “Any color you like.” _Black_ is the uncompromising Python code formatter. By using it, you agree to cede control over minutiae of hand-formatting. In return, _Black_ gives you speed, determinism, and freedom from `pycodestyle` nagging about formatting. You will save time and mental energy for more important matters. Blackened code looks the same regardless of the project you're reading. Formatting becomes transparent after a while and you can focus on the content instead. _Black_ makes code review faster by producing the smallest diffs possible. Try it out now using the [Black Playground]. Watch the [PyCon 2019 talk] to learn more. --- **[Read the documentation on ReadTheDocs!]** --- ## Installation and usage ### Installation _Black_ can be installed by running `pip install black`. It requires Python 3.6.2+ to run. If you want to format Python 2 code as well, install with `pip install black[python2]`. If you want to format Jupyter Notebooks, install with `pip install black[jupyter]`. If you can't wait for the latest _hotness_ and want to install from GitHub, use: `pip install git+git://` ### Usage To get started right away with sensible defaults: ```sh black {source_file_or_directory} ``` You can run _Black_ as a package if running it as a script doesn't work: ```sh python -m black {source_file_or_directory} ``` Further information can be found in our docs: - [Usage and Configuration] ### NOTE: This is a beta product _Black_ is already [successfully used] by many projects, small and big. Black has a comprehensive test suite, with efficient parallel tests, and our own auto formatting and parallel Continuous Integration runner. However, _Black_ is still beta. Things will probably be wonky for a while. This is made explicit by the "Beta" trove classifier, as well as by the "b" in the version number. What this means for you is that **until the formatter becomes stable, you should expect some formatting to change in the future**. That being said, no drastic stylistic changes are planned, mostly responses to bug reports. Also, as a safety measure which slows down processing, _Black_ will check that the reformatted code still produces a valid AST that is effectively equivalent to the original (see the [Pragmatism] section for details). If you're feeling confident, use `--fast`.
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