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Summary C++ library API documentation generator (3.10)
Package version 0.3.6
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single Exhale ======================================================================================== |docs| |pypi| |coverage| |license| Installation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exhale is a `Sphinx Extension`__ that depends on `Breathe`_ for access to the Doxygen reStructuredText directives, and both `BeautifulSoup`_ and `lxml`_ for parsing the generated Doxygen XML documentation. Exhale is [hosted on PyPI ], meaning you can install it through the normal mechanisms, e.g., __ .. _BeautifulSoup: .. _lxml: .. _Breathe: .. code-block:: console $ python -m pip install exhale This will install Exhale, as well as all of its dependencies. Exhale Version Compatibility with Python, Sphinx, and Breathe ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +----------------+----------------+----------------+-----------------+ | Exhale Version | Python Version | Sphinx Version | Breathe Version | +================+================+================+=================+ | 0.3.2 -- 0.3.6 | >=3.7 | >=3.0,<5 | >=4.32.0 | +----------------+----------------+----------------+-----------------+ | 0.3.0 | >=3.6 | >=3.0,<5 | >=4.32.0 | +----------------+----------------+----------------+-----------------+ | 0.2.1 -- 0.2.4 | 2.7, 3.3+ | >=1.6.1 | "Any" | +----------------+----------------+----------------+-----------------+ | <=0.2.0 | 2.7, 3.3+ | >=1.0 | "Any" | +----------------+----------------+----------------+-----------------+ For your project's documentation requirements, adopting ``exhale@0.3.0 means you just need to specify directly that your docs/requirements.txt`` or similar express:: exhale>=0.3.0 The ``exhale@0.3.0 release uses the same dependencies required by breathe@4.32.0``. If you need python 3.5 support, pin your documentation requirements to:: sphinx>=2.0 breathe>=4.13.0 exhale<0.3.0 For Python 2.7, you should pin your documentation requirements to:: sphinx==1.8.5 breathe==4.12.0 exhale<0.3.0 **Order matters**, namely that sphinx and breathe appear / are installed before exhale. Exhale 0.2.* releases support Python 2.7, but users need to be aware of the dependencies between Python, Sphinx, and Breathe versions. .. _credit: Credit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This project could not exist without the already excellent tools available: Doxygen, Sphinx, Breathe, and many others. In particular, though, for the Tree View hierarchies to be successful, I vendor copies of two excellent libraries that I make no claims to. They are vendored with your installation of Exhale, in accordance with each project's license: 1. For non-bootstrap, I used Kate Morley's excellent and lightweight collapsibleLists_ including the sample CSS / images on that post. She includes a generous `CC0 1.0 license `_ for these files, as well as the rest of her website. For every HTML Theme I have tried, except for ones using bootstrap, this library works reliably and consistently. It matches the Sphinx RTD theme quite well, too! 2. For bootstrap, I used Jon Miles' comprehensive `bootstrap-treeview`__ library. Jon Miles hosts this library using the [Apache v2 license].
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