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single Snowball stemming library collection for Python =============================================== Both Python 2 and Python 3 (>= 3.3) are supported. What is Stemming? ----------------- Stemming maps different forms of the same word to a common "stem" - for example, the English stemmer maps *connection*, *connections*, *connective*, *connected*, and *connecting* to *connect*. So a searching for *connected* would also find documents which only have the other forms. This stem form is often a word itself, but this is not always the case as this is not a requirement for text search systems, which are the intended field of use. We also aim to conflate words with the same meaning, rather than all words with a common linguistic root (so *awe* and *awful* don't have the same stem), and over-stemming is more problematic than under-stemming so we tend not to stem in cases that are hard to resolve. If you want to always reduce words to a root form and/or get a root form which is itself a word then Snowball's stemming algorithms likely aren't the right answer. How to use library ------------------ The snowballstemmer module has two functions. The ``snowballstemmer.algorithms`` function returns a list of available algorithm names. The ``snowballstemmer.stemmer function takes an algorithm name and returns a Stemmer`` object. Stemmer objects have a ``Stemmer.stemWord(word) method and a Stemmer.stemWords(word[])`` method. .. code-block:: python import snowballstemmer stemmer = snowballstemmer.stemmer('english'); print(stemmer.stemWords("We are the world".split())); Automatic Acceleration ---------------------- If [PyStemmer] is installed, ``snowballstemmer.stemmer returns a PyStemmer Stemmer object which provides the same Stemmer.stemWord() and Stemmer.stemWords()`` methods. **PyStemmer** is a wrapper module for Snowball's libstemmer_c and should provide results 100% compatible to **snowballstemmer**. **PyStemmer** is faster because it wraps generated C versions of the stemmers; **snowballstemmer** uses generate Python code and is slower but offers a pure Python solution. Benchmark ~~~~~~~~~ This is a crude benchmark which measures the time for running each stemmer on every word in its sample vocabulary (10,787,583 words over 26 languages). It's not a realistic test of normal use as a real application would do much more than just stemming. It's also skewed towards the stemmers which do more work per word and towards those with larger sample vocabularies. * Python 2.7 + **snowballstemmer** : 13m00s (15.0 * PyStemmer) * Python 3.7 + **snowballstemmer** : 12m19s (14.2 * PyStemmer) * PyPy 7.1.1 (Python 2.7.13) + **snowballstemmer** : 2m14s (2.6 * PyStemmer) * PyPy 7.1.1 (Python 3.6.1) + **snowballstemmer** : 1m46s (2.0 * PyStemmer) * Python 2.7 + **PyStemmer** : 52s For reference the equivalent test for C runs in 9 seconds. These results are for Snowball 2.0.0. They're likely to evolve over time as the code Snowball generates for both Python and C continues to improve (for a much older test over a different set of stemmers using Python 2.7, **snowballstemmer** was 30 times slower than **PyStemmer**, or 9 times slower with **PyPy**). The message to take away is that if you're stemming a lot of words you should either install **PyStemmer** (which **snowballstemmer** will then
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