Port variant 534
Summary Build and install Perl modules (5.34)
Package version 0.4234
Keywords perl
Maintainer Perl Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants 536
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Last modified 05 MAY 2023, 00:43:50 UTC
Port created 12 JUN 2017, 01:19:57 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single Build and install Perl modules
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
PERL_534 ON Build using Perl 5.34 PERL_536 OFF Build using Perl 5.36
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Build and Runtime perl-5.34:primary:standard
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main mirror://CPAN/ID:L/LE/LEONT
Distribution File Information
66aeac6127418be5e471ead3744648c766bd01482825c5b66652675f2bc86a8f 311666 Module-Build-0.4234.tar.gz
Ports that require perl-Module-Build:534
perl-Algorithm-BaumWelch:534 Hidden Markov Chain parameter estimation (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Bayesian:534 Bayesian Spam Filtering Algorithm (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-BinPack-2D:534 Efficiently pack items into rectangles (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-CheckDigits:534 Generate and test check digits (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-ContextVector:534 Implementation based on cosine similarity (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Cron:534 Abstract implementation of F scheduling (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-CurveFit:534 Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Damm:534 Damm error correction check digit (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Diff-Any:534 Find differences between files (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Diff-Callback:534 Use callbacks on computed differences (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-GenerateSequence:534 Sequence generator (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-HyperLogLog:534 Cardinality estimation algorithm (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Interval2Prefix:534 Generate prefixes from intervals (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Kuhn-Munkres:534 Maximum weight perfect matching (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-LibLinear:534 Binding for LINEAR library (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-MarkovChain:534 Object oriented Markov chain generator (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-NaiveBayes:534 Bayesian prediction of categories (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Networksort:534 Create Sorting Networks (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Pair-Swiss:534 Generate unique pairings for tournaments (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-QuineMcCluskey:534 Solve sets of boolean terms (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-RabinKarp:534 Implementation of Rabin-Karp rolling hash (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-SVMLight:534 Bindings to SVMLight machine learning (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Shape-RandomTree:534 Randomized plant shape object generator (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-SixDegrees:534 Find path through linked elements in a set (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-SkipList:534 Perl implementation of skip lists (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Step:534 Trace execution steps of an algorithm (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-TokenBucket:534 Token bucket rate limiting algorithm (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Toy-HashSC:534 Toy separate chain hash implementation (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-TravelingSalesman-BitonicTour:534 Euclidean traveling-saleman problem solver (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-VectorClocks:534 Generates a partial ordering of events (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-Voting:534 Voting algorithm implementations (5.34)
perl-Algorithm-WordLevelStatistics:534 Words Level Statics implementation (5.34)
perl-Alien-Base-ModuleBuild:534 Subclass for building Alien::modules (5.34)
perl-Alien-wxWidgets:534 Building and using wxWidgets binaries (5.34)
perl-Astro-FITS-Header:534 Object-oriented interface to FITS HDUs (5.34)
perl-Class-Gomor:534 Another class and object builder (5.34)
perl-Commandable:534 Utilities for commandline-based programs (5.34)
perl-Convert-Color-XTerm:534 Indexed colors used by XTerm (5.34)
perl-Convert-Color:534 Color space conversions and named lookups (5.34)
perl-Data-CosineSimilarity:534 Computes the Cosine Similarity (5.34)
perl-Data-Record:534 "split" on steroids (5.34)
perl-Devel-MAT-Dumper:534 Write a heap dump file for later analysis (5.34)
perl-Devel-MAT:534 Perl Memory Analysis Tool (5.34)
perl-Digest-MurmurHash3-PurePerl:534 Pure perl implementation of MurmurHash3 (5.34)
perl-Encode-Detect:534 Subclass that detects the encoding of data (5.34)
perl-Error:534 Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way (5.34)
perl-ExtUtils-CChecker:534 Configuration utilities for using C headers (5.34)
perl-ExtUtils-XSpp:534 Thin layer over XS to provide C++ support (5.34)
perl-Feature-Compat-Try:534 Provides try/catch syntax (5.34)
perl-File-Find-Object:534 Object oriented File::Find replacement (5.34)
perl-File-Map:534 Memory mapping made simple and safe (5.34)
perl-File-Remove:534 Remove files and directories (5.34)
perl-File-Type:534 Determine file type using magic (5.34)
perl-Graph-Convert:534 Convert between Graph and Graph::Easy (5.34)
perl-Graph-Easy-As_svg:534 Converts Graph::Easy object to SVG text (5.34)
perl-Graph-Easy:534 Converts or renders graphs (5.34)
perl-Graphics-GnuplotIF:534 Dynamic Perl interface to gnuplot (5.34)
perl-HTML-TokeParser-Simple:534 Easy to use HTML::TokeParser interface (5.34)
perl-HTML-Tree:534 Work with HTML in a DOM-like tree structure (5.34)
perl-Hash-FieldHash:534 Nimble field hash for inside-out objects (5.34)
perl-IO-Socket-INET6:534 Interface AF_INET/AF_INET6 domain sockets (5.34)
perl-Lchown:534 Use the lchown(2) system call from Perl (5.34)
perl-List-UtilsBy:534 Higher-order list utility functions (5.34)
perl-Logic-Minimizer:534 Parent class for Logic minimizers (5.34)
perl-Mail-DMARC:534 Perl implementation of DMARC (5.34)
perl-Mail-SPF:534 Sender Policy Framework implemenation (5.34)
perl-Math-GSL:534 Interface to the GNU Scientific Library (5.34)
perl-Math-MatrixReal:534 Manipulate NxN matrices of real numbers (5.34)
perl-Math-Random-ISAAC-XS:534 C implementation of ISAAC PRNG algorithm (5.34)
perl-Math-Symbolic:534 Symbolic calculations (5.34)
perl-MaxMind-DB-Reader-XS:534 Fast XS implementation of MaxMind DB reader (5.34)
perl-Module-Build-XSUtil:534 Module::Build class for building XS modules (5.34)
perl-Module-ExtractUse:534 Find out what modules are used (5.34)
perl-Module-Install:534 Standalone, extensible module installer (5.34)
perl-Module-Runtime:534 Runtime module handling (5.34)
perl-Mouse:534 Moose minus the antlers (5.34)
perl-Mozilla-PublicSuffix:534 Search Mozilla Public Suffix List (5.34)
perl-Net-IDN-Encode:534 Internationalizing Domain Names in Apps (5.34)
perl-Net-LibIDN2:534 Perl bindings for GNU Libidn2 (5.34)
perl-Net-SNMP:534 Object oriented interface to SNMP (5.34)
perl-Net-Write:534 Interface to open and send raw network data (5.34)
perl-Number-Misc:534 Number::Misc - handy utilities for numbers (5.34)
perl-PPIx-Regexp:534 Parse regular expressions (5.34)
perl-Padre:534 Perl Application Dev. and Refactoring Env (5.34)
perl-Params-Validate:534 Validate method/function parameters (5.34)
perl-Parse-RecDescent:534 Generate Recursive-Descent Parsers (5.34)
perl-Path-Class:534 Cross-platform path specification (5.34)
perl-PerlIO-Layers:534 Querying your filehandle's capabilities (5.34)
perl-Pod-Strip:534 Remove POD from Perl code (5.34)
perl-SUPER:534 Control superclass method dispatch (5.34)
perl-Socket-GetAddrInfo:534 Address name resolving functions (5.34)
perl-Starlink-AST:534 Interface to the Starlink AST library (5.34)
perl-String-Random:534 Generate random strings based on a pattern (5.34)
perl-String-Tagged-Terminal:534 Formats terminal output (5.34)
perl-String-Tagged:534 String buffers with value tags on extents (5.34)
perl-Struct-Dumb:534 Simple, lightweight record-like structures (5.34)
perl-Syntax-Keyword-Match:534 Match/Case syntax for Perl (5.34)
perl-Syntax-Keyword-Try:534 Try/Catch/Finally syntax for Perl (5.34)
perl-Test-Compile:534 Assert that your Perl files compile OK (5.34)
perl-Test-Fork:534 Test code which forks (5.34)
perl-Test-MemoryGrowth:534 Assert when code increases memory usage (5.34)
perl-Test-MockModule:534 Override subroutines for unit testing (5.34)
perl-Test-Toolbox:534 Test::Toolbox - tools for testing (5.34)
perl-Text-Aligner:534 Module to align text (5.34)
perl-Text-Table:534 Organize Data in Tables (5.34)
perl-Time-timegm:534 UTC version of mktime() (5.34)
perl-WWW-Form-UrlEncoded:534 Parser of application/x-www-form-urlencoded (5.34)
perl-WebService-MusicBrainz:534 Web service API to MusicBrainz database (5.34)
perl-Wx-Scintilla:534 Scintilla source code editing for wxWidgets (5.34)
perl-XS-Parse-Keyword:534 XS functions for parsing keyword syntax (5.34)
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