Port variant standard
Summary GNU internationalization and localization system
Package version 0.22.5
Keywords devel
Maintainer nobody
License GPLv3+ , LGPL21+ (multi)
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 24 FEB 2024, 07:00:20 UTC
Port created 30 MAR 2017, 23:36:34 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
complete This is the gettext-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of gettext-standard.
primary GNU gettext is a framework of libraries and tools for internationalisation and localisation of software. This package contains the shared library.
asprintf GNU gettext is a framework of libraries and tools for internationalisation and localisation of software. This package contains the asprintf library which has a runtime dependency on libstdc++.
tools GNU gettext is a framework of libraries and tools for internationalisation and localisation of software. This package contains gettext command line programs.
bldtools GNU gettext is a framework of libraries and tools for internationalisation and localisation of software. This package contains development and translation tools.
dev This is the developer subpackage of the gettext-standard port. It may contain headers, pc files, static and PIC libraries and SO links.
solinks GNU gettext is a framework of libraries and tools for internationalisation and localisation of software. This package contains symbolic links to the shared libraries, and are used when needing to link to the shared intl library.
nls This is the native language support subpackage of the gettext-standard port.
man This is the man page subpackage of the gettext-standard port.
docs This is the documents subpackage of the gettext-standard port.
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
This port has no build options.
Package Dependencies by Type
Build (only) libiconv:dev:standard
Runtime (only) gettext:primary:standard (tools subpackage)
indexinfo:single:standard (tools subpackage)
indexinfo:single:standard (asprintf subpackage)
ravensys-gcc:cxx_run:standard (asprintf subpackage)
gettext:primary:standard (bldtools subpackage)
Download groups
main mirror://GNU/gettext
Distribution File Information
fe10c37353213d78a5b83d48af231e005c4da84db5ce88037d88355938259640 10270724 gettext-0.22.5.tar.xz
Ports that require gettext:standard
ImageMagick:standard Suite to create, edit, compose, or convert images
ImageMagick:x11 Image manipulation tool suite with X support
ORBit2:standard High-Performance CORBA Object Request Broker
R-DiceDesign:standard Designs of Computer Experiments
R-data.table:standard Extension of 'data.frame'
R-expm:standard Matrix Exponential, Log, 'etc'
R-glmnet:standard Generalized Linear Models for Lasso, etc
R-gmp:standard Multiple Precision Arithmetic
R-robustbase:standard Basic Robust Statistics
R:standard Statistical computing and graphics environment
accountsservice:standard D-Bus service for user account query/manipulation
ada_spawn:standard Simple API to spawn communicating processes
adwaita-icon-theme:standard GNOME standard icons
alpine:standard Powerful and easy to use text email/news client
appstream-glib:standard Library for reading and writing AppStream metadata
appstream:standard Standard for machine-readable software metadata
aqbanking:standard Online banking interface and financial framework
arandr:standard Another XRandR graphical user interface
argp-standalone:standard Arguments parsing functions from GLIBC
aspell:standard GNU spell checker
at-spi2-core:standard Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
atkmm16:standard C++ bindings for ATK
atkmm:standard C++ bindings for ATK
avahi:standard Service Discovery using mDNS/DNS-SD
awesome:standard Dynamic WM for X, highly configurable in Lua
babl:standard Dynamic pixel format translation library
bash:standard GNU Bourne Again SHell
biblesync:standard Multicast shared co-nav. lib for Bible programs
binutils:standard GNU binary tools
bison:standard Yacc-compatible parser generator from FSF
cairo:standard Vector graphics library with cross-device support
caja:standard File manager for the MATE desktop
clipit:standard Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
consolekit:standard Framework for defining and tracking users
coreutils:noprefix FSF core utilities (standard names)
coreutils:standard FSF core utilities (prefixed with g)
cpio:standard Utility that copies files to or from archives
cups-filters:standard OpenPrinting CUPS filters
dbus-glib:standard D-Bus GLib binding
dconf:standard Configuration database system for GNOME
deadbeef:standard Ultimate music player for Unix-like systems
desktop-file-utils:standard Utilities for manipulating .desktop files
devilutionX:standard Reverse-engineered Diablo 1 engine made portable
dia:standard Diagram creation program, similar to MS-Visio
diffutils:noprefix GNU diff utilities (standard names)
diffutils:standard GNU diff utilities (prefixed with g)
dos2unix:standard DOS/MAC to UNIX Text File Format Converter
dpkg:standard Debian package maintenance system
ede:standard Extremely light-weight desktop environment
emacs:desktop GNU Emacs text editor with X11 support
enchant1:standard Dictionary/spellchecking framework (legacy)
enchant:standard Dictionary/spellchecking framework
exiv2:standard Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library
farstream:standard Audio/video communications framework
ffmpeg5:standard Play, record, convert, and stream audio and video
ffmpeg6:standard Play, record, convert, and stream audio and video
ffmpeg:standard Play, record, convert, and stream audio and video
filezilla:standard Cross-platform graphical FTP, FTPS & SFTP client
findutils:noprefix GNU find utilities (standard names)
findutils:standard GNU find utilities (prefixed with g)
firefox:standard Mozilla web browser
fish:standard Friendly Interactive SHell
flex:standard Fast lexical analyzer generator
fluidsynth:standard RT software synthesizer based on SoundFont2 specs
fontforge:standard Outline and bitmap font editor
freetds:standard Sybase/Microsoft TDS protocol library
fuse2:standard File System in Userspace (FUSE), legacy
gamin:standard Monitor files and directories for changes
garcon:standard Library implementing menu specs
gawk:standard GNU version of Awk
gcab:standard Cabinet file library and tool
gconf:standard Configuration database system for GNOME
gcr3:standard Library for bits of crypto UI and parsing
gcr:standard Library for bits of crypto UI and parsing
gdb:standard GNU debugger
gdbm:standard GNU database manager
gdk-pixbuf-xlib:standard Legacy Xlib integration for GdkPixbuf
gdk-pixbuf:standard Graphic library for GIMP toolkit
gdl:standard GNOME Docking Library
geany:standard Fast and lightweight IDE
gegl:standard Graph based image processing framework
geoclue:standard D-Bus service to provide location information
gexiv2:standard GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library
gimp:standard GNU Image Manipulation Program
git:standard Distributed version control system
gjs:standard Javascript bindings for GNOME
glade:standard User interface builder for GTK+3
glib-networking:standard Network-related giomodules for GLib
glib:standard Some useful routines of C programming
glibmm24:standard C++ interfaces for glib2
glibmm:standard C++ interfaces for glib2
gmake:noprefix GNU make with unprefixed program name
gmake:standard GNU variant of 'make' utility
gmrun:standard Small GTK based 'Run application' dialog
gnatstudio:standard Multilanguage IDE for Ada, SPARK, C/C++, and more
gnome-keyring:standard Program that keeps passwords and other secrets
gnucash:standard Financial accounting software
gnugrep:standard GNU implementation of grep
gnulib:standard GNU portability library
gnupg:standard GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
gnuplot:standard Command-line driven graphing utility
gnutls:standard GNU Transport Layer Security library
gobject-introspection:standard Introspection data generator for GObject libraries
graphene:standard Thin layer of graphic data types
graphviz:standard Graph visualization tools
gsettings-desktop-schemas:standard Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop
gstreamer1-plugins-a52dec:standard GStreamer1 ATSC A/52 stream (AC-3) plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-aalib:standard GStreamer1 ASCII art plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-bad:standard GStreamer Multimedia Framework "Bad" Plugins
gstreamer1-plugins-base:standard GStreamer Multimedia Framework Base Plugins
gstreamer1-plugins-cairo:standard GStreamer1 vector graphics plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-curl:standard GStreamer1 CURL-based output plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-dvdread:standard GStreamer1 DVD access plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-faac:standard GStreamer1 MPEG-2/4 AAC decoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-faad:standard GStreamer1 MPEG-2/4 AAC decoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-flac:standard GStreamer1 free lossless audio codec plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-gdkpixbuf:standard GStreamer1 image decoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-good:standard GStreamer Multimedia Framework "Good" Plugins
gstreamer1-plugins-jpeg:standard GStreamer1 jpeg codec plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-libav:standard GStreamer1 AV library plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-libpng:standard GStreamer1 png plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-ogg:standard GStreamer1 Ogg bitstream plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-pango:standard GStreamer1 pango textoverlay plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-resindvd:standard GStreamer1 DVD playback plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-soup:standard GStreamer1 soup (SOAP) plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-speex:standard GStreamer1 speex voice plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-taglib:standard GStreamer1 APEv2/ID3v2 tag plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-theora:standard GStreamer1 theora plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-twolame:standard GStreamer1 MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-ugly:standard GStreamer1 plugins with potential dist. problems
gstreamer1-plugins-v4l2:standard GStreamer1 video4linux2 plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-vorbis:standard GStreamer1 vorbis encoder/decoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-vpx:standard GStreamer1 vp8 codec plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-wavpack:standard GStreamer1 wavpack codec plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-webp:standard GStreamer1 WebP image decoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-x264:standard GStreamer1 H.264 video encoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-x265:standard GStreamer1 H.265 video encoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-x:standard GStreamer1 XImageSrc plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-xshm:standard GStreamer1 XvImageSink plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-xvideo:standard GStreamer1 XImageSink plugin
gstreamer1:standard Media applications framework
gtk-doc:standard GTK+ DocBook Documentation Generator
gtk-murrine-engine:standard Murrine GTK+2 theme engine
gtk2:standard Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI
gtk3:standard Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI
gtk4:standard Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI
gtkada:standard Ada graphical toolkit based on Gtk3 components
gtkdatabox:standard GTK+ widget to display fluctuating numerical data
gtkmm30:standard C++ interface for popular GUI library gtk+ v3
gtkmm40:standard C++ interface for popular GUI library gtk4
gtksourceview3:standard GTK3 syntax highlighting text widget
gtksourceview4:standard GTK3 syntax highlighting text widget
gtksourceview5:standard GTK4 syntax highlighting text widget
gtkspell:standard Spell-checking addon for GTK's TextView widget
gts:standard GNU Triangulated Surface Library
guile:standard GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions
gvfs:standard GNOME virtual file system
gwenhywfar:standard Networking and security application library
harfbuzz:standard OpenType text shaping engine
hexchat:standard Graphical IRC client based on XChat
hunspell:standard Most popular spellchecking library
i3:standard Improved dynamic tiling window manager
inkscape:standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editor
irssi:standard Modular IRC client with many features
iso-codes:standard Lists of country, language and currency iso names
json-glib:standard JSON (RFC 4627) interface for Glib
kf6-kcolorscheme:standard KF6 classes to interact with KColorScheme
kf6-kconfigwidgets:standard KF6 widgets for configuration dialogs
kf6-kdoctools:standard KF6 documentation generation from docbook
kf6-ki18n:standard KF6 advanced internationalization framework
kf6-kiconthemes:standard KF6 icon GUI utilities
kf6-kservice:standard KF6 advanced plugin and service introspection
kf6-kwallet:standard KF6 safe desktop-wide storage for passwords
klavaro:standard Flexible touch typing tutor and trainer
krb5:standard MIT Kerberos 5 authentication system
leafpad:standard Light-weight and simple GTK+2 text editor
leatherman:standard C++ and CMake utility libraries
lftp:standard Command-line ftp client
libIDL:standard Library for creating trees of CORBA IDL files
libadwaita:standard GTK4 building blocks for modern GNOME applications
libavif:standard Library for encoding and decoding .avif files
libcanberra:standard Implementation of the XDG sound theme specs
libcroco:standard CSS2 parsing library
libdbusmenu:standard Library for passing menus over DBus
libexif:standard Library to access EXIF files (extended JPEG files)
libexo:standard Xfce application development library
libfilezilla:standard C++ lib for building platform-independent programs
libfm-extra:standard Extra library of PCManFM file manager
libfm-qt:standard Core library of PCManFM-Qt file manager
libfm:standard Core library of PCManFM file manager
libftdi1:standard Library (using libusb) to talk to FTDI chips
libgee:standard GObject collection library
libglade:standard Library for dynamically loading GLADE interfaces
libgsf:standard Extensible I/O abstraction of file formats
libgtop:standard GNOME library to collect system monitoring data
libgudev-devd:standard GObject bindings for libudev
libgudev:standard GObject bindings for libudev
libgxps:standard GObject-based lib for handling/rendering XPS docs
libhandy:standard Library with GTK+ widgets for mobile phones
libical:standard Reference implementation of the iCalendar format
libidn2:standard IDNA2008 internationalized domain names library
libidn:standard Internationalized Domain Name support library
libinput:standard Generic input library
liblqr:standard Seam-carving C/C++ library called Liquid Rescaling
libmanette:standard Simple GObject game controller library
libmypaint:standard Library for making brushstrokes
libnice:standard Implementation of ICE standard (RFC 5245)
libnotify:standard Library for desktop notifications
libofx:standard Open Financial eXchange (OFX) Library
libpeas:v11 GObject-based plugins engine (3.11)
libpeas:v12 GObject-based plugins engine (3.12)
libproxy:standard Library for automatic proxy configuration mgmt
libpsl:standard Library to handle the Public Suffix List
libreoffice:standard Free Software Productivity Suite
librsvg-c:standard SVG vector-graphic files rendering library
librsvg:standard SVG vector-graphic files rendering library
libsecret:standard Library to access the secret service API
libsoup-2.4:standard Simple Object Access Protocol implementation in C
libsoup:standard Simple Object Access Protocol implementation in C
libuuid:standard Tool/Lib for generating Universally Unique IDs
libvips:loaded Threaded image processing library (more features)
libvips:standard Threaded image processing library (std. options)
libvisual-plugins:standard Set of plugins for the libvisual framework
libwacom:standard Library to supply metadata about tablet devices
libwnck:standard GNOME window navigator construction kit library
libwpd:standard Import filter and tools for WordPerfect Documents
libxfce4ui:standard Xfce UI library containing various GTK+ widgets
libxfce4util:standard Xfce utility library for non-GUI components
libxklavier:standard Library providing a high-level API for XKB
libxmlb:standard Library to help create and query binary XML blobs
loudmouth:standard Lightweight Jabber client library
lua-lgi:lua52 Bindings using gobject-introspection for Lua 5.2
lua-lgi:lua53 Bindings using gobject-introspection for Lua 5.3
lynx:standard Text based browser for the world wide web
lyx:standard Document Processor WYSIWYM Editor & Latex frontend
m17n-lib:standard Multilingual text processing library
m4:noprefix GNU macro processor with unprefixed program name
marco:standard Fully-fledged but low-frills WM for the MATE DE
mate-desktop:standard MATE desktop common UI API library
mate-icon-theme:standard MATE desktop default icon theme
mcabber:standard Small Jabber console client
megatools:standard Command line tools for MEGA.NZ cloud drive
meld:standard Visual diff and merge tool
menu-cache:standard Caching mechanism for freedesktop-compliant menus
mercurial:standard Scalable distributed version control system
mesa:standard Mesa 3D Graphics Library
midnight-commander:desktop Free Norton Commander clone (X11)
midnight-commander:standard Free Norton Commander clone
minetest:standard Infinite-world block sandbox game
mkvtoolnix:standard Matroska media files manipulation tools
mousepad:standard Simple text editor for the Xfce DE
mtr:x11 Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool [x11]
mutt:standard Powerful terminal mail client
nano:standard Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced Pico clone
neon:standard HTTP and WebDAV client library
neovim:standard Next generation Vim
nginx-unit:standard Dynamic web application server
openbox:standard Configurable and lightweight X11 window manager
pango:standard Open-source framework for rendering of i18n text
pangomm14:standard C++ bindings for Pango
pangomm:standard C++ bindings for Pango
parcellite:standard Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
parole:standard Gstreamer-based media player for Xfce
pcmanfm-qt:standard File manager for the LXQt desktop
pcmanfm:standard Extremely fast and lightweight file manager
pcsc-lite:standard Smartcard development library
perl-Locale-gettext:536 Message handling functions (v536)
perl-Locale-gettext:538 Message handling functions (v538)
php81-gettext:standard PHP 8.1 extension: gettext native lang support
php82-gettext:standard PHP 8.2 extension: gettext native lang support
php83-gettext:standard PHP 8.3 extension: gettext native lang support
pidgin:standard Multi-protocol instant messaging client
pinentry:fltk Assuan passphrase entry dialog (FLTK)
pinentry:gnome3 Assuan passphrase entry dialog (GNOME3)
pinentry:ncurses Assuan passphrase entry dialog (ncurses)
pinentry:qt5 Assuan passphrase entry dialog (Qt5)
pinentry:standard Assuan passphrase entry dialog (console)
po4a:standard Tools to ease the translation of documentation
polkit-qt-1:qt5 Qt5 wrapper around polkit-1
polkit-qt-1:qt6 Qt6 wrapper around polkit-1
polkit:standard Framework for access control to system components
poppler:standard PDF rendering library
postgis:standard Spatial and Geographic objects for PostgreSQL
postgresql12:standard Powerful, open source object-relational database
postgresql13:standard Powerful, open source object-relational database
postgresql14:standard Powerful, open source object-relational database
postgresql15:standard Powerful, open source object-relational database
postgresql16:standard Powerful, open source object-relational database
profanity:standard Console based XMPP client
python-PyGObject:v11 Python bindings for GObject Introspection (3.11)
python-PyGObject:v12 Python bindings for GObject Introspection (3.12)
python-dbus-python:v11 Python bindings for libdbus (3.11)
python-dbus-python:v12 Python bindings for libdbus (3.12)
python-libxml2:v11 Python bindings for libxml2 (3.11)
python-libxml2:v12 Python bindings for libxml2 (3.12)
python311:standard Interpreted object-oriented programming language
python312:standard Interpreted object-oriented programming language
qemu:standard Fast CPU emulator and virtualizer for x86 platform
qt5-qtbase:standard Qt5 - QtBase component
qt6-qtbase:standard Qt6 - QtBase component
qt6-qtmultimedia:standard Qt6 - QtMultimedia component
rest:standard Easy access to RESTful web services
rhash:ssl File digest utility with ssl runtime loading
rhash:standard File digest library and utility
ristretto:standard Light-weight image viewer for Xfce
rofi:standard Window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement
rpm:standard RPM Package Manager
rrdtool:standard Round Robin Database tools
rspamd:standard Fast, free and open-source spam filtering system
sakura:standard Simple tabbed terminal emulator using GTK+
sed:standard GNU stream editor
shadow:standard Password and admin tools for Linux
shared-mime-info:standard MIME types database from project
smpeg:standard SDL MPEG video/audio player and library
sound-theme-freedesktop:standard Default sound theme based on FreeDesktop spec
sparforte:standard Shell and scripting for mission-critical projects
subversion:standard Version control system
sudo:standard Allows restricted root access for specified users
surf:standard Simple webkit browser adhering suckless principles
tar:noprefix GNU tape archiver without 'g' prefix
tar:standard GNU version of the traditional tape archiver
tdb:standard Trivial Database
tesseract:standard OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine
texi2html:standard Texinfo to HTML converter
texinfo:standard Typeset documentation system, multiple formats
thunar:standard File manager for Xfce
thunderbird:standard Mozilla Thunderbird mail/newsgroup client
tilda:standard Quake-style popup terminal
tint2:standard Lightweight panel/taskbar/systray/clock
toxic:standard Ncurses-based Tox client
transmission:daemon Lightweight BitTorrent client (daemon)
transmission:gtk Lightweight BitTorrent client (GTK+ GUI)
transmission:qt Lightweight BitTorrent client (Qt GUI)
transmission:standard Lightweight BitTorrent client (CLI client)
tumbler:standard D-Bus thumbnailing service for Xfce
upower:standard D-Bus daemon for power management tasks
uwsgi:standard Fast, self-healing, application container server
vala:standard Compiler for the GObject type system
video4linux:standard Video device drivers
vim:loaded VIsual editor iMproved (all options + X)
vim:standard VIsual editor iMproved (basic options)
vimb:standard Vim-like browser
vorbis-tools:standard Play, encode, and manage Ogg Vorbis files
vte:standard Virtual Terminal Emulator widget
wavpack:standard Hybrid lossless audio compression
webkit2:api40 Opensource browser engine using GTK+3 (API 4.0)
webkit2:api41 Opensource browser engine using GTK+3 (API 4.1)
webkit2:api60 Opensource browser engine using GTK4 (API 6.0)
weechat:standard Fast, light and extensible chat client
wget2:standard File retrieval tool using HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP
wget:standard Program to retrieve files via http/s and ftp
wireshark:standard Network traffic analyzer
wmctrl:standard Command-line tool to control X window managers
wv:standard Library and tools to access MS Word files
wxWidgets30:gtk2 GUI toolkit with GTK+ bindings (gtk2)
wxWidgets30:standard GUI toolkit with GTK+ bindings (gtk3)
wxWidgets:standard GUI toolkit with GTK+ bindings
xfburn:standard Optical Disc burning application for Xfce
xfce4-appfinder:standard Application finder and launcher for Xfce
xfce4-dev-tools:standard Xfce development tools
xfce4-notifyd:standard Simple notification daemon for Xfce
xfce4-panel:standard Panel for the Xfce4 desktop environment
xfce4-power-manager:standard Power manager for Xfce
xfce4-screenshooter:standard Screenshot utility and panel plugin for Xfce
xfce4-session:standard Session manager for the Xfce DE
xfce4-settings:standard Settings manager for Xfce
xfce4-terminal:standard Terminal emulator for Xfce
xfconf:standard Simple client-server configuration system for Xfce
xfdesktop:standard Desktop manager for the Xfce DE
xfwm4:standard Standard-complient window manager from Xfce
xorg-xhost:standard Server access control program for X
xorg-xkeyboard-config:standard X Keyboard Configuration Database
xscreensaver:standard Screen saver and locker for X11
yelp:standard Help browser for the GNOME desktop
zenity:standard Display GNOME dialogs from the command line
zim:standard Desktop wiki and notekeeper