Port variant standard
Summary Tools to internationalize various kinds of data
Package version 0.51.0_1
Keywords textproc
Maintainer nobody
License Not yet specified
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Last modified 20 FEB 2023, 23:14:15 UTC
Port created 12 JUN 2017, 01:19:57 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
complete This is the intltool-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of intltool-standard.
primary The module contains some utility scripts and assorted auto* magic for internationalizing various kinds of XML files. Features: * Extract translatable strings from various source files (, .glade,,, * Collect the extracted strings together with messages from traditional source files (.c, .h) in po/$(PACKAGE).pot. * Merge back the translations from .po files into .xml, .desktop and .oaf files. This merge step will happen at build resp. installation time.
man This is the man page subpackage of the intltool-standard port.
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Build (only) gmake:primary:standard
Build and Runtime perl-XML-Parser:single:536
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67c74d94196b153b774ab9f89b2fa6c6ba79352407037c8c14d5aeb334e959cd 162286 intltool-0.51.0.tar.gz
Ports that require intltool:standard
appstream-glib:standard Library for reading and writing AppStream metadata
at-spi2-core:standard Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
caja:standard File manager for the MATE desktop
clipit:standard Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
deadbeef:standard Ultimate music player for Unix-like systems
dia:standard Diagram creation program, similar to MS-Visio
garcon:standard Library implementing menu specs
gcab:standard Cabinet file library and tool
gconf:standard Configuration database system for GNOME
gcr3:standard Library for bits of crypto UI and parsing
gcr:standard Library for bits of crypto UI and parsing
gdl:standard GNOME Docking Library
geany:standard Fast and lightweight IDE
gegl:standard Graph based image processing framework
geoclue:standard D-Bus service to provide location information
gimp:standard GNU Image Manipulation Program
glib-networking:standard Network-related giomodules for GLib
gnome-keyring:standard Program that keeps passwords and other secrets
gnucash:standard Financial accounting software
gsettings-desktop-schemas:standard Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop
gtk-murrine-engine:standard Murrine GTK+2 theme engine
gtkspell:standard Spell-checking addon for GTK's TextView widget
hexchat:standard Graphical IRC client based on XChat
klavaro:standard Flexible touch typing tutor and trainer
leafpad:standard Light-weight and simple GTK+2 text editor
libdbusmenu:standard Library for passing menus over DBus
libexo:standard Xfce application development library
libfm-extra:standard Extra library of PCManFM file manager
libfm:standard Core library of PCManFM file manager
libgsf:standard Extensible I/O abstraction of file formats
libmypaint:standard Library for making brushstrokes
libnotify:standard Library for desktop notifications
libpeas:v11 GObject-based plugins engine (3.11)
libpeas:v12 GObject-based plugins engine (3.12)
libsecret:standard Library to access the secret service API
libsoup-2.4:standard Simple Object Access Protocol implementation in C
libsoup:standard Simple Object Access Protocol implementation in C
libwnck:standard GNOME window navigator construction kit library
libxfce4ui:standard Xfce UI library containing various GTK+ widgets
libxfce4util:standard Xfce utility library for non-GUI components
mate-desktop:standard MATE desktop common UI API library
meld:standard Visual diff and merge tool
mousepad:standard Simple text editor for the Xfce DE
parcellite:standard Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
parole:standard Gstreamer-based media player for Xfce
pcmanfm:standard Extremely fast and lightweight file manager
pidgin:standard Multi-protocol instant messaging client
polkit:standard Framework for access control to system components
ristretto:standard Light-weight image viewer for Xfce
shared-mime-info:standard MIME types database from project
sound-theme-freedesktop:standard Default sound theme based on FreeDesktop spec
thunar:standard File manager for Xfce
transmission:gtk Lightweight BitTorrent client (GTK+ GUI)
tumbler:standard D-Bus thumbnailing service for Xfce
upower:standard D-Bus daemon for power management tasks
vte:standard Virtual Terminal Emulator widget
xfburn:standard Optical Disc burning application for Xfce
xfce4-appfinder:standard Application finder and launcher for Xfce
xfce4-notifyd:standard Simple notification daemon for Xfce
xfce4-panel:standard Panel for the Xfce4 desktop environment
xfce4-power-manager:standard Power manager for Xfce
xfce4-screenshooter:standard Screenshot utility and panel plugin for Xfce
xfce4-session:standard Session manager for the Xfce DE
xfce4-settings:standard Settings manager for Xfce
xfce4-terminal:standard Terminal emulator for Xfce
xfconf:standard Simple client-server configuration system for Xfce
xfdesktop:standard Desktop manager for the Xfce DE
xfwm4:standard Standard-complient window manager from Xfce
xscreensaver:standard Screen saver and locker for X11