Port variant standard
Summary XML 1.0 parser written in C
Package version 2.6.2
Homepage https://sourceforge.net/projects/expat/
Keywords textproc
Maintainer nobody
License MIT
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 16 MAR 2024, 00:49:31 UTC
Port created 31 MAR 2017, 00:55:30 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
complete This is the expat-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of expat-standard.
primary This is Expat, a C library for parsing XML, written by James Clark. Expat is a stream-oriented XML parser. This means that you register handlers with the parser before starting the parse. These handlers are called when the parser discovers the associated structures in the document being parsed. A start tag is an example of the kind of structures for which you may register handlers.
dev This is the developer subpackage of the expat-standard port. It may contain headers, pc files, static and PIC libraries and SO links.
man This is the man page subpackage of the expat-standard port.
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This package has no dependency requirements of any kind.
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main mirror://SF/expat/expat/2.6.2
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9c7c1b5dcbc3c237c500a8fb1493e14d9582146dd9b42aa8d3ffb856a3b927e0 613092 expat-2.6.2.tar.bz2
Ports that require expat:standard
apache:standard Secure, efficient and extensible HTTP server
apr-util:standard Apache Portable Runtime Utility library
avahi:standard Service Discovery using mDNS/DNS-SD
cmake:standard Cross-platform Makefile generator
dbus-glib:standard D-Bus GLib binding
dbus:standard Message bus system for IPC communication
exempi:standard Parse Extensible Metadata Platform information
exiv2:standard Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library
fontconfig:standard XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
gdal:standard Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
gdb:standard GNU debugger
git:lite Distributed version control system (minimal)
git:standard Distributed version control system
graphviz:standard Graph visualization tools
lftp:standard Command-line ftp client
libarchive:extended Extended libarchive with lzo and lz4 capability
libarchive:ravensw Zstd-only libarchive for ravensw
libarchive:standard Library to handle many streaming archive formats
libarchive:static Static build of libarchive
libcupsfilters:standard Library for developing printing filters
libdom:standard Implementation of the W3C DOM
libmesode:standard Lightweight XMPP library
libmetalink:standard Library to read Metalink XML description format
libreoffice:standard Free Software Productivity Suite
libstrophe:standard Lightweight XMPP library
libsvgtiny:standard NetSurf SVG decoder
libvips:loaded Threaded image processing library (more features)
libvips:standard Threaded image processing library (std. options)
mesa:standard Mesa 3D Graphics Library
neon:standard HTTP and WebDAV client library
nginx:loaded HTTP and reverse proxy server (all options)
perl-XML-Parser:538 Perl module for parsing XML documents (5.38)
perl-XML-Parser:540 Perl module for parsing XML documents (5.40)
perl-mod_perl:538 Persistent Perl interpreter for web server (5.38)
perl-mod_perl:540 Persistent Perl interpreter for web server (5.40)
perl-subversion:538 Perl bindings to Subversion (v538)
perl-subversion:540 Perl bindings to Subversion (v540)
polkit:standard Framework for access control to system components
profanity:standard Console based XMPP client
python311:standard Interpreted object-oriented programming language
python312:standard Interpreted object-oriented programming language
ravensw:standard Ravenports binary package manager
serf:standard High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library
skia:standard Open-source 2D graphics library
subversion:standard Version control system
udunits:standard Library for manipulating physical quantity units
wayland:standard Wayland Display Protocol implementation
wxWidgets30:gtk2 GUI toolkit with GTK+ bindings (gtk2)
wxWidgets30:standard GUI toolkit with GTK+ bindings (gtk3)
wxWidgets:standard GUI toolkit with GTK+ bindings