Port variant py39
Summary Setuptools_scm plugin for git archives (3.9)
Package version 1.1
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants py310
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Last modified 20 NOV 2021, 04:14:38 UTC
Port created 20 APR 2020, 15:00:59 UTC
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single This is a [setuptools_scm] plugin that adds support for git archives (for example the ones GitHub automatically generates). Note that it only works for archives of tagged commits (because git currently lacks a format option equivalent to ``git describe --tags``). Usage ----- Add 'setuptools_scm_git_archive' to the setup_requires parameter in your project's ```` file: .. code:: python setup( ..., use_scm_version=True, setup_requires=['setuptools_scm', 'setuptools_scm_git_archive'], ..., ) Create a ``.git_archival.txt`` file with the following content:: ref-names: $Format:%D$ Then add this line to the ``.gitattributes`` file:: .git_archival.txt export-subst Finally, don't forget to commit these two files.
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PY310 OFF Build using Python 3.10 PY39 ON Build using Python 3.9
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Build (only) python-pip:single:py39
Build and Runtime python39:single:standard
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