Port variant standard
Summary SDL2 TrueType font rendering library
Package version 2.0.15
Keywords graphics
Maintainer Michael Reim
License ZLIB
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 26 NOV 2019, 05:40:10 UTC
Port created 22 DEC 2018, 21:02:33 UTC
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single This is a sample library which allows you to use TrueType fonts in your SDL applications. It comes with an example program "showfont" which displays an example string for a given TrueType font file.
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a9eceb1ad88c1f1545cd7bd28e7cbc0b2c14191d40238f531a15b01b1b22cd33 4479718 SDL2_ttf-2.0.15.tar.gz
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devilutionX:standard Reverse-engineered Diablo 1 engine made portable