Port variant standard
Summary System-independent dlopen wrapper of GNU libtool
Package version 2.4.7
Keywords devel
Maintainer nobody
License LGPL20+
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Last modified 27 MAR 2022, 15:43:20 UTC
Port created 11 JAN 2018, 19:10:43 UTC
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single This is GNU libltdl, a system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU libtool. It supports the following dlopen interfaces: * dlopen (Solaris, Linux and various BSD flavors) * shl_load (HP-UX) * LoadLibrary (Win16 and Win32) * load_add_on (BeOS) * GNU DLD (emulates dynamic linking for static libraries) * libtool's dlpreopen
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4f7f217f057ce655ff22559ad221a0fd8ef84ad1fc5fcb6990cecc333aa1635d 1016040 libtool-2.4.7.tar.xz
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