Port variant standard
Summary X Window System Lock Screen
Package version 5.56
Homepage http://www.sillycycle.com/xlockmore.html
Keywords x11
Maintainer Leonid Bobrov
License ISCL
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Last modified 03 OCT 2018, 13:41:12 UTC
Port created 03 OCT 2018, 13:41:12 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single xlock locks the X server till the user enters their password at the keyboard. While xlock is running, all new server connections are refused. The screen saver is disabled. The mouse cursor is turned off. The screen is blanked and a changing pattern is put on the screen. If a key or a mouse button is pressed then the user is prompted for the password of the user who started xlock. If the correct password is typed, then the screen is unlocked and the X server is restored. When typing the password Control-U and Control-H are active as kill and erase respectively. To return to the locked screen, click in the small icon version of the changing pattern.
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Build (only) xorg-macros:single:standard
Build and Runtime freetype:primary:standard
Runtime (only) gcc8:cxx_run:standard (single subpackage)
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main http://sillycycle.com/xlock/
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a0dd8eb470bbda89b3ffdfaeb85c8a675c7469a1b657333eee906b9bd3b1e1b5 1649808 xlockmore-5.56.tar.xz
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xorg-apps:standard X.Org applications meta-port