Port variant standard
Summary Consistent wrappers for common string Operations
Package version 1.4.0
Homepage https://stringr.tidyverse.org
Keywords cran
Maintainer CRAN Automaton
License Not yet specified
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Last modified 15 APR 2020, 18:11:42 UTC
Port created 14 APR 2020, 06:14:40 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single stringr: Simple, Consistent Wrappers for Common String Operations A consistent, simple and easy to use set of wrappers around the fantastic 'stringi' package. All function and argument names (and positions) are consistent, all functions deal with "NA"'s and zero length vectors in the same way, and the output from one function is easy to feed into the input of another.
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Build (only) gmake:single:ravensys
Build and Runtime R-glue:single:standard
Runtime (only) R:complete:standard
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main mirror://CRAN/src/contrib
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87604d2d3a9ad8fd68444ce0865b59e2ffbdb548a38d6634796bbd83eeb931dd 135777 CRAN/stringr_1.4.0.tar.gz
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