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Summary Django app requiring login for all views (3.9)
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single [Build Status] # Stronghold Get inside your stronghold and make all your Django views default login_required Stronghold is a very small and easy to use django app that makes all your Django project default to require login for all of your views. WARNING: still in development, so some of the DEFAULTS and such will be changing without notice. ## Installation Install via pip. ```sh pip install django-stronghold ` Add stronghold to your INSTALLED_APPS in your Django settings file `python INSTALLED_APPS = ( #... 'stronghold', ) ` Then add the stronghold middleware to your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in your Django settings file `python MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES = ( #... 'stronghold.middleware.LoginRequiredMiddleware', ) ``` ## Usage If you followed the installation instructions now all your views are defaulting to require a login. To make a view public again you can use the public decorator provided in `stronghold.decorators` like so: ### For function based views ```python from stronghold.decorators import public @public def someview(request): # do some work #... ``` ### For class based views (decorator) ```python from django.utils.decorators import method_decorator from stronghold.decorators import public class SomeView(View): def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs): # some view logic #... @method_decorator(public) def dispatch(self, *args, **kwargs): return super(SomeView, self).dispatch(*args, **kwargs) ``` ### For class based views (mixin) ```python from stronghold.views import StrongholdPublicMixin class SomeView(StrongholdPublicMixin, View): pass ``` ## Configuration (optional) ### STRONGHOLD_DEFAULTS Use Strongholds defaults in addition to your own settings. **Default**: ```python STRONGHOLD_DEFAULTS = True ``` You can add a tuple of url regexes in your settings file with the `STRONGHOLD_PUBLIC_URLS` setting. Any url that matches against these
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