Port variant standard
Summary Terminal-independent lib for full-screen output
Package version 6.4_2
Keywords devel
Maintainer nobody
License MIT
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 02 APR 2023, 18:43:58 UTC
Port created 29 MAR 2017, 05:41:42 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
complete This is the ncurses-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of ncurses-standard.
primary The ncurses software includes a SVr4 and XSI-Curses compatible curses library as well as terminfo tools including "tic", "infocmp", and "captoinfo". The library is used by other programs for text-mode support of color, multiple highlights, forms-drawing characters, automatic recognition of keypad and function-key sequences, and more. This package contains the shared libraries.
tools This package contains the terminfo tools of ncurses.
dev This is the developer subpackage of the ncurses-standard port. It may contain headers, pc files, static and PIC libraries and SO links.
man This is the man page subpackage of the ncurses-standard port.
terminfo This package contains the terminfo tree-based database.
docs This is the documents subpackage of the ncurses-standard port.
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Build (only) pkgconf:primary:standard
Runtime (only) ncurses:primary:standard (tools subpackage)
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6931283d9ac87c5073f30b6290c4c75f21632bb4fc3603ac8100812bed248159 3612591 ncurses-6.4.tar.gz 4a57c6e791d3202669ff3e7c87ff0d7d7ce3b40fd22a564bde406f6d4b79f523 357054 terminfo-20210816.src.gz
Ports that require ncurses:standard
aalib:standard ASCII art library
adacurses:standard Ada95 bindings for ncurses
alpine:standard Powerful and easy to use text email/news client
aspell:standard GNU spell checker
avrdude:standard AVR Downloader Updater
bash:standard GNU Bourne Again SHell
bash:static Static GNU Bourne Again SHell
bind:standard Berkeley Internet Name Domain (Domain Name Server)
clamav:standard Clam Anti-Virus Scanner
clang16:standard C language family frontend for LLVM 16.0
clang:standard C language family frontend for LLVM 17.0
clisp:standard ANSI Common Lisp Implementation
cmake:standard Cross-platform Makefile generator
compiler-rt:standard Compiler runtime libraries for clang
cscope:standard C source code tree search and browse tool
dpkg:standard Debian package maintenance system
emacs:desktop GNU Emacs text editor with X11 support
emacs:standard GNU Emacs text editor
erlang:standard Concurrent functional programming language
fish:standard Friendly Interactive SHell
frotz:standard Infocom-style interactive fiction player
gdb:standard GNU debugger
guile:standard GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions
heme:standard Fast and portable console hex editor
hexcompare:standard Tool for visual comparison of binary files
hexcurse:standard Versatile ncurses-based hex editor
hexedit:standard View and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII
htop:standard Interactive process viewer for Unix
hunspell:standard Most popular spellchecking library
irssi:standard Modular IRC client with many features
joe:standard Joe's Own Editor
kakoune:standard Modal code editor with a focus on interactivity
lagrange:standard Web Browser-like beautiful Gemini Client
less:color Popular file pager with color sequence support
less:standard Popular open-source file pager
lftp:standard Command-line ftp client
libcdio:standard Compact Disk input and control library
libedit:standard Command line editor library
libtermkey:standard Keyboard entry processor library
llvm16:standard Low Level Virtual Machine (version 16.0)
llvm:standard Low Level Virtual Machine (version 17.0)
lynx:standard Text based browser for the world wide web
mariadb1011:standard Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL
mariadb104:standard Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL
mariadb105:standard Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL
mariadb106:standard Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL
mariadb11:standard Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL
mcabber:standard Small Jabber console client
mg:standard Microscopic GNU Emacs clone
midnight-commander:desktop Free Norton Commander clone (X11)
midnight-commander:standard Free Norton Commander clone
mikmod:standard Ncurses-based module audio player
minetest:standard Infinite-world block sandbox game
mosh:standard Mobile terminal that supports ratty connectivity
mtr:standard Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool
mtr:x11 Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool [x11]
mutt:standard Powerful mail client
nano:standard Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced Pico clone
net-snmp:standard Extensible SNMP implementation
nvi:standard Berkeley nvi with additional features
oksh:standard Portable OpenBSD Korn Shell
openmp:standard LLVM Open Multi-Processing Runtime Library
openssh:standard Portable version of OpenBSD's OpenSSH
perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu:536 Extension for GNU Readline/History Library (5.36)
perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu:538 Extension for GNU Readline/History Library (5.38)
pinentry:ncurses Assuan passphrase entry dialog (ncurses)
profanity:standard Console based XMPP client
python311:standard Interpreted object-oriented programming language
python312:standard Interpreted object-oriented programming language
qemu:standard Fast CPU emulator and virtualizer for x86 platform
ravenadm:standard Ravenports administration utility
ravensys-root-dragonfly:REL62 DragonFly 6.2.2 builder system root
ravensys-root-dragonfly:standard DragonFly 6.4.0 builder system root
ravensys-root-freebsd_amd64:REL12 FreeBSD/AMD64 12.2 builder system root
ravensys-root-freebsd_amd64:standard FreeBSD/AMD64 13.2 builder system root
ravensys-root-linux:ABI26 Linux 2.6.32 builder system root
ravensys-root-linux:standard Linux 3.2.0 builder system root
ravensys-root-midnightbsd_amd64:standard MidnightBSD/AMD64 3.0.0 builder system root
ravensys-root-netbsd_amd64:standard NetBSD/AMD64 9.2 builder system root
ravensys-root:sunos Solaris 10 system root for Ravenports build env
readline:standard Library for editing command lines during typing
reduce:standard Codemist Std Lisp general-purpose computer system
rexima:standard Curses-based interactive mixer
rocm-device-libs:standard Radeon Open Compute Device Libraries
rust:standard Systems programming language from Mozilla
screen:standard Multi-screen window manager
siren:standard Text-based audio player
slang:standard S-Lang is a powerful interpreted language
slider:standard HAMMER file system time slider utility
sqlite:editline SQL database engine library (BSD/editline)
sqlite:standard SQL database engine library (GNU/readline)
stterm:standard Simple terminal emulator for X which sucks less
synth:standard Custom package repository builder for FreeBSD
tcsh:standard Extended C-shell with many useful features
telescope:standard "Small Internet" client for Gemini and Gopher
testdisk:standard Powerful free data recovery software
texinfo:standard Typeset documentation system, multiple formats
texlive-bin:standard Binary and input files for TeXlive
tig:standard Text-mode interface for git
tmux:standard Terminal multiplexer
toxic:standard Ncurses-based Tox client
vbindiff:standard Visual binary diff utility
vim:loaded VIsual editor iMproved (all options + X)
vim:standard VIsual editor iMproved (basic options)
w3m:standard Pager/text-based WWW browser
weechat:standard Fast, light and extensible chat client
whowatch:standard Display information logged on users
xterm:standard Terminal emulator for the X Window System
zig:standard Programming language
zsh:standard Interactive Z Shell