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Summary Manipulate R Data Frames Using SQL
Package version 0.4.11
Homepage https://github.com/ggrothendieck/sqldf
Keywords cran
Maintainer CRAN Automaton
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Last modified 10 DEC 2020, 22:17:40 UTC
Port created 15 APR 2020, 18:11:42 UTC
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single sqldf: Manipulate R Data Frames Using SQL The sqldf() function is typically passed a single argument which is an SQL select statement where the table names are ordinary R data frame names. sqldf() transparently sets up a database, imports the data frames into that database, performs the SQL select or other statement and returns the result using a heuristic to determine which class to assign to each column of the returned data frame. The sqldf() or read.csv.sql() functions can also be used to read filtered files into R even if the original files are larger than R itself can handle. 'RSQLite', 'RH2', 'RMySQL' and 'RPostgreSQL' backends are supported.
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