Port variant py39
Summary Non-validating SQL parser (3.9)
Package version 0.4.2
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants py310
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Last modified 20 NOV 2021, 04:14:38 UTC
Port created 01 APR 2019, 21:34:39 UTC
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single python-sqlparse - Parse SQL statements ====================================== |buildstatus|_ |coverage|_ |docs|_ .. docincludebegin sqlparse is a non-validating SQL parser for Python. It provides support for parsing, splitting and formatting SQL statements. The module is compatible with Python 3.5+ and released under the terms of the [New BSD license]. Visit the project page at for further information about this project. Quick Start ----------- .. code-block:: sh $ pip install sqlparse .. code-block:: python >>> import sqlparse >>> # Split a string containing two SQL statements: >>> raw = 'select * from foo; select * from bar;' >>> statements = sqlparse.split(raw) >>> statements ['select * from foo;', 'select * from bar;'] >>> # Format the first statement and print it out: >>> first = statements[0] >>> print(sqlparse.format(first, reindent=True, keyword_case='upper')) SELECT * FROM foo; >>> # Parsing a SQL statement: >>> parsed = sqlparse.parse('select * from foo')[0] >>> parsed.tokens [, , >> Links ----- Project page Bug tracker Documentation Online Demo sqlparse is licensed under the BSD license. Parts of the code are based on pygments written by Georg Brandl and others. pygments-Homepage: .. |buildstatus| image:: .. _buildstatus:!/andialbrecht/sqlparse .. |coverage| image:: .. _coverage: .. |docs| image:: .. _docs:
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python-Django:py39 High-level Python Web framework (3.9)