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Summary Filters to enhance web typography (3.10)
Package version 2.0.7
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single Typogrify provides a set of custom filters that automatically apply various transformations to plain text in order to yield typographically-improved HTML. While often used in conjunction with Jinja_ and Django_ template systems, the filters can be used in any environment. .. _Jinja: .. _Django: Installation ============ The following command will install via pip. Pay particular attention to the package name:: pip install typogrify Alternatively, you can run the following command inside the project's root directory:: python install Last but not least, you can simply move the enclosed typogrify folder into your Python path. Requirements ============ Python 2.3 and above is supported, including Python 3. The only dependency is SmartyPants_, a Python port of a project by John Gruber. Installing Jinja_ or Django_ is only required if you intend to use the optional template filters that are included for those frameworks. .. _SmartyPants: Usage ===== The filters can be used in any environment by importing them from ``typogrify.filters``:: from typogrify.filters import typogrify content = typogrify(content) For use with Django, you can add typogrify to the INSTALLED_APPS setting of any Django project in which you wish to use it, and then use ``{% load typogrify_tags %}`` in your templates to load the filters it provides. Experimental support for Jinja is in ``typogrify.templatetags.jinja_filters``. Included filters ================ amp ------- Wraps ampersands in HTML with ```` so they can be styled with CSS. Ampersands are also normalized to ``&``. Requires ampersands to have whitespace or an `` `` on both sides. Will not change any ampersand which has already been wrapped in this fashion. caps -------- Wraps multiple capital letters in ```` so they can be styled with CSS. initial_quotes ------------------ Wraps initial quotes in `` for double quotes or `` for single quotes. Works inside these block elements: * h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 * p * li * dt * dd Also accounts for potential opening inline elements: a, em, strong, span, b, i. smartypants --------------- Applies SmartyPants. typogrify -------------
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