Port variant standard
Summary Typeset documentation system, multiple formats
Package version 7.0
Homepage http://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/
Keywords print
Maintainer nobody
License GPLv3+
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 16 NOV 2022, 15:43:59 UTC
Port created 08 APR 2017, 13:18:33 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
complete This is the texinfo-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of texinfo-standard.
primary Texinfo is the official documentation format of the GNU project. It was invented by Richard Stallman and Bob Chassell many years ago, loosely based on Brian Reid's Scribe and other formatting languages of the time. It is used by many non-GNU projects as well. Texinfo uses a single source file to produce output in a number of formats, both online and printed (dvi, html, info, pdf, xml, etc.). This means that instead of writing different documents for online information and another for a printed manual, you need write only one document. And when the work is revised, you need revise only that one document. The Texinfo system is well-integrated with GNU Emacs.
nls This is the native language support subpackage of the texinfo-standard port.
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Build (only) help2man:single:standard
Build and Runtime ncurses:primary:standard
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main mirror://GNU/texinfo
dports https://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/~marino/dports-src/texinfo/7.0/
Distribution File Information
20744b82531ce7a04d8cee34b07143ad59777612c3695d5855f29fba40fbe3e0 4900752 texinfo/7.0/texinfo-7.0.tar.xz 37bb91269a2cb95454b1ad708f6e05ff1fbe5ce2f73140fc774f1fde5ad1c3af 22555 texinfo/7.0/htmlxref.cnf-20221008 19a9c5a1c475a2e55355cb5e407ed8c1537d4b748150948817480634dfc01543 377470 texinfo/7.0/texinfo.tex-20221112 7d684e915bb60991adfda73433eabf299aca50a31e096380d8373209df65611e 58631 texinfo/7.0/texi2dvi-20221107
Ports that require texinfo:standard
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aalib:standard ASCII art library
autoconf-archive:standard Collection of freely re-usable Autoconf macros
autoconf213:standard Automatic config tool for *nix (legacy version)
autoconf:standard Unix platform automatic configuration tool
automake:standard GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
bash:standard GNU Bourne Again SHell
bc:standard GNU Command Line Calculator
binutils:standard GNU binary tools
check:standard Unit test framework for C
ed:standard GNU version of line-oriented text editor
emacs:desktop GNU Emacs text editor with X11 support
emacs:standard GNU Emacs text editor
fftw:float Fast Fourier Transform library (float)
fftw:long Fast Fourier Transform library (long double)
fftw:quad Fast Fourier Transform library (quad precision)
fftw:standard Fast Fourier Transform library (double)
gawk:standard GNU version of Awk
gcc10:standard GNU Compiler collection (GCC), Series 10
gcc11:standard GNU Compiler collection (GCC), Series 11
gcc9:standard GNU Compiler collection (GCC), Series 9
gdb:standard GNU debugger
gengetopt:standard Command-line option parser generator
gnatcross-binutils:FAMD64_R12 C/Ada cross-compiler linker (FreeBSD/AMD64 R12)
gnatcross-binutils:FARM64_R11 C/Ada cross-compiler linker (FreeBSD/ARM64 R11)
gnatcross-binutils:FI386_R12 C/Ada cross-compiler linker (FreeBSD/I386 R12)
gnatcross-binutils:NAMD64_R9 C/Ada cross-compiler linker (NetBSD/AMD64 R9)
gnatcross-binutils:SOL10 C/Ada cross-compiler linker (Solaris 10)
gnutls:standard GNU Transport Layer Security library
groff:standard GNU troff text-formatting system
gsl:standard GNU Scientific Library - mathematical libs
guile22:standard GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions
guile:standard GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions
libconfig:standard Configuration file parsing library
libgcrypt:standard General purpose crypto library based on GnuPG
libidn2:standard IDNA2008 internationalized domain names library
libidn:standard Internationalized Domain Name support library
libmicrohttpd:standard Small C library to run an HTTP server
nettle:standard Low-level cryptographic library
qemu:standard Fast CPU emulator and virtualizer for x86 platform
sbcl:standard Steel Bank Common Lisp
slime:standard Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
tar:noprefix GNU tape archiver without 'g' prefix
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zsh:standard Interactive Z Shell