Port variant standard
Summary Cartographic Projections Library
Package version 7.1.0
Keywords graphics, geography
Maintainer nobody
License MIT
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Last modified 10 JUL 2020, 02:08:04 UTC
Port created 26 FEB 2018, 18:31:35 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single PROJ is a generic coordinate transformation software, that transforms coordinates from one coordinate reference system (CRS) to another. This includes cartographic projections as well as geodetic transformations.
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Build (only) pkgconf:single:standard
Build and Runtime tiff:primary:standard
Runtime (only) gcc9:cxx_run:standard (single subpackage)
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876151e2279346f6bdbc63bd59790b48733496a957bccd5e51b640fdd26eaa8d 5502506 proj-7.1.0.tar.gz b9838ae7e5f27ee732fb0bfed618f85b36e8bb56d7afb287d506338e9f33861e 6601640
Ports that require proj:standard
libgeotiff:standard Library and tools for dealing with GeoTIFF
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