Port variant py39
Summary Abstract syntax tree with inference support (3.9)
Package version 2.9.3
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants py310
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Last modified 09 JAN 2022, 21:44:35 UTC
Port created 29 NOV 2020, 06:56:42 UTC
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single Astroid ======= :alt: Coverage badge from :alt: Documentation Status :alt: status .. |tidelift_logo| image:: :width: 75 :height: 60 :alt: Tidelift .. list-table:: :widths: 10 100 * - |tidelift_logo| - Professional support for astroid is available as part of the `Tidelift Subscription`_. Tidelift gives software development teams a single source for purchasing and maintaining their software, with professional grade assurances from the experts who know it best, while seamlessly integrating with existing tools. .. _Tidelift Subscription: What's this? ------------ The aim of this module is to provide a common base representation of python source code. It is currently the library powering pylint's capabilities. It provides a compatible representation which comes from the `_ast` module. It rebuilds the tree generated by the builtin _ast module by recursively walking down the AST and building an extended ast. The new node classes have additional methods and attributes for different usages. They include some support for static inference and local name scopes. Furthermore, astroid can also build partial trees by inspecting living objects. Installation ------------ Extract the tarball, jump into the created directory and run:: pip install . If you want to do an editable installation, you can run:: pip install -e . If you have any questions, please mail the mailing list for support. See for subscription information and archives. Documentation ------------- Python Versions --------------- astroid 2.0 is currently available for Python 3 only. If you want Python 2 support, use an older version of astroid (though note that these versions are no longer supported). Test ---- Tests are in the 'test' subdirectory. To launch the whole tests suite, you can use either `tox` or `pytest`:: tox pytest astroid
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PY310 OFF Build using Python 3.10 PY39 ON Build using Python 3.9
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python-pylint:py39 Python code static checker (3.9)