Port variant standard
Summary Fast, highly customizable system info tool
Package version 7.0.0
Keywords sysutils
Maintainer Daniele Olivo
License MIT
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Last modified 10 MAR 2020, 23:46:28 UTC
Port created 21 MAR 2018, 01:29:15 UTC
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single Neofetch is a CLI system information tool written in BASH. Neofetch displays information about your system next to an image, your OS logo, or any ASCII file of your choice. The main purpose of Neofetch is to be used in screenshots to show other users what OS/Distro you're running, what Theme/Icons you're using etc. Neofetch is highly customizable through the use of command line flags or the user config file. There are over 50 config options to mess around with and there's the `print_info()` function and friends which let you add your own custom info.
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Runtime (only) bash:primary:standard
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main mirror://GITHUB/dylanaraps:neofetch:7.0.0
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8c6bd217cf6d34fc1f3dcbb0e8b1137655bc13fbb21165273dbb2a7bce0d3130 90892 dylanaraps-neofetch-7.0.0.tar.gz
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