Port variant standard
Summary High performance JSON parser and generator
Package version 1.8.0
Homepage https://arxiv.org/abs/1403.2805
Keywords cran
Maintainer CRAN Automaton
License Not yet specified
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Last modified 22 FEB 2022, 02:10:24 UTC
Port created 14 APR 2020, 06:14:40 UTC
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single jsonlite: A Simple and Robust JSON Parser and Generator for R A reasonably fast JSON parser and generator, optimized for statistical data and the web. Offers simple, flexible tools for working with JSON in R, and is particularly powerful for building pipelines and interacting with a web API. The implementation is based on the mapping described in the vignette (Ooms, 2014). In addition to converting JSON data from/to R objects, 'jsonlite' contains functions to stream, validate, and prettify JSON data. The unit tests included with the package verify that all edge cases are encoded and decoded consistently for use with dynamic data in systems and applications.
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Build (only) gmake:single:ravensys
Runtime (only) R:complete:standard
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7b1892efebcb4cf4628f716000accd4b43bbf82b3e6ba90b9529d4fa0e55cd4c 1051625 CRAN/jsonlite_1.8.0.tar.gz
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