Port variant standard
Summary JBIG2 decoder and library (monochrome documents)
Package version 0.19
Homepage https://jbig2dec.com/
Keywords graphics, devel
Maintainer nobody
License AGPLv3+
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Last modified 27 MAY 2021, 02:58:38 UTC
Port created 16 AUG 2018, 16:10:03 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single jbig2dec is a decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format. JBIG2 is designed for lossy or lossless encoding of 'bilevel' (1-bit monochrome) images at moderately high resolution, and in particular scanned paper documents. In this domain it is very efficient, offering compression ratios on the order of 100:1.
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Build (only) autoconf:single:standard
Build and Runtime libressl:single:standard
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main https://github.com/ArtifexSoftware/ghostpdl-downloads/releases/download/gs9533/
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279476695b38f04939aa59d041be56f6bade3422003a406a85e9792c27118a37 572889 jbig2dec-0.19.tar.gz
Ports that require jbig2dec:standard
ghostscript:standard Postscript and PDF Rendering Engine
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