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Summary API for executing callbacks on events and timeouts
Package version 2.1.12_1
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Last modified 01 NOV 2023, 15:23:41 UTC
Port created 29 APR 2017, 07:02:50 UTC
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complete This is the libevent-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of libevent-standard.
primary The libevent API provides a mechanism to execute a callback function when a specific event occurs on a file descriptor or after a timeout has been reached. Furthermore, libevent also support callbacks due to signals or regular timeouts. libevent is meant to replace the event loop found in event driven network servers. An application just needs to call event_dispatch() and then add or remove events dynamically without having to change the event loop. Currently, libevent supports /dev/poll, kqueue(2), event ports, select(2), poll(2) and epoll(4). The internal event mechanism is completely independent of the exposed event API, and a simple update of libevent can provide new functionality without having to redesign the applications. As a result, Libevent allows for portable application development and provides the most scalable event notification mechanism available on an operating system. Libevent can also be used for multi-threaded applications.
dev This is the developer subpackage of the libevent-standard port. It may contain headers, pc files, static and PIC libraries and SO links.
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