Port variant standard
Summary SQL database engine library (GNU/readline)
Package version 3.32.2
Homepage https://www.sqlite.org/
Keywords databases
Maintainer nobody
License PUBDOM
Other variants editline
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Last modified 04 JUN 2020, 21:25:59 UTC
Port created 26 APR 2017, 19:50:24 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single SQLite is an SQL database engine in a C library. Programs that link the SQLite library can have SQL database access without running a separate RDBMS process. The distribution comes with a standalone command-line access program (sqlite3) that can be used to administer an SQLite database and which serves as an example of how to use the SQLite library.
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Build and Runtime readline:single:standard
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main https://www.sqlite.org/2020/
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2dbef1254c1dbeeb5d13d7722d37e633f18ccbba689806b0a65b68701a5b6084 2903050 sqlite-autoconf-3320200.tar.gz
Ports that require sqlite:standard
adabase:sqlite Thick SQLite bindings for Ada
adabase:standard Thick database bindings for Ada
appstream-glib:standard Library for reading and writing AppStream metadata
apr-util:standard Apache Portable Runtime Utility library
aria2:standard CLI download for HTTP/S, FTP, BitTorrent, Metalink
dovecot:standard Secure IMAP and POP3 server
filezilla:standard Cross-platform graphical FTP, FTPS & SFTP client
fossil:standard Distributed source control management system
gdal:standard Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
gnupg:standard GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
kyua:standard Testing framework for infrastructure software
leveldb:standard Fast key-value storage library
libdbi-drivers:sqlite SQLite driver for libdbi
libsoup:standard Simple Object Access Protocol implementation in C
matreshka:standard Ada framework for information systems development
midori:standard Lightweight and fast WebkitGTK-based www browser
minetest:standard Infinite-world block sandbox game
nss:standard Application security development libraries
perl-subversion:528 Perl bindings to Subversion (v528)
perl-subversion:530 Perl bindings to Subversion (v530)
php72-pdo_sqlite:standard PHP 7.2 extension: pdo_sqlite database driver
php72-sqlite3:standard PHP 7.2 extension: sqlite3 database driver
php73-pdo_sqlite:standard PHP 7.3 extension: pdo_sqlite database driver
php73-sqlite3:standard PHP 7.3 extension: sqlite3 database driver
php74-pdo_sqlite:standard PHP 7.4 extension: pdo_sqlite database driver
php74-sqlite3:standard PHP 7.4 extension: sqlite3 database driver
pidgin:standard Multi-protocol instant messaging client
postfix:standard Fast and robust mail transfer agent
proj:standard Cartographic Projections Library
python-sqlite3:py27 Python 2.7 bindings to the SQLite3 library
python-sqlite3:py37 Python 3.7 bindings to the SQLite3 library
python-sqlite3:py38 Python 3.8 bindings to the SQLite3 library
qt5-qtbase:standard Qt5 - QtBase component
redland:standard RDF Application Framework (SQLite backend)
rspamd:standard Fast, free and open-source spam filtering system
ruby-sqlite3:v25 Interface with SQLite3 database engine (v25)
ruby-sqlite3:v26 Interface with SQLite3 database engine (v26)
ruby-sqlite3:v27 Interface with SQLite3 database engine (v27)
rustless-firefox:standard Legacy web browser built without Rust compiler
sqlitebrowser:standard Visual tool to manage SQLite databases
thunderbird:standard Mozilla Thunderbird mail/newsgroup client
webkit2:gtk3 Opensource browser engine using the GTK+ 3 toolkit