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Summary Library for traversal of file hierarchy
Package version 1.2.7
Keywords sysutils
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Last modified 26 NOV 2019, 05:40:10 UTC
Port created 16 NOV 2017, 18:31:15 UTC
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single The musl-fts package implements the fts(3) functions fts_open, fts_read, fts_children, fts_set and fts_close, which are missing in musl libc. It uses the NetBSD implementation of fts(3) to build a static library /usr/lib/libfts.a and the /usr/include/fts.h header file. Man page description: The fts functions are provided for traversing UNIX file hierarchies. A simple overview is that the fts_open() function returns a "handle" on a file hierarchy, which is then supplied to the other fts functions. The function fts_read() returns a pointer to a structure describing one of the files in the file hierarchy. The function fts_children() returns a pointer to a linked list of structures, each of which describes one of the files contained in a directory in the hierarchy. In general, directories are visited two distinguishable times; in pre-order (before any of their descendants are visited) and in post-order (after all of their descendants have been visited). Files are visited once. It is possible to walk the hierarchy "logically" (ignoring symbolic links) or physically (visiting symbolic links), order the walk of the hierarchy or prune and/or re-visit portions of the hierarchy.
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