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Summary Lightweight RFC 3399 timestamp functions (3.10)
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single Strict, simple, lightweight RFC3339 functions ============================================= Goals ----- - Convert unix timestamps to and from RFC3339. - Either produce RFC3339 strings with a UTC offset (Z) or with the offset that the C time module reports is the local timezone offset. - Simple with minimal dependencies/libraries. - Avoid timezones as much as possible. - Be very strict and follow RFC3339. Caveats ------- - Leap seconds are not quite supported, since timestamps do not support them, and it requires access to timezone data. - You may be limited by the size of `time_t` on 32 bit systems. In both cases, see 'Notes' below. Rationale --------- - A lot of libraries have trouble with DST transitions and ambiguous times. - Generally, using the python datetime object causes trouble, introducing problems with timezones. - The excellent `pytz` library seems to achieve timezone perfection, however it didn't (at the time of writing) have a method for getting the local timezone or the 'now' time in the local zone. - I saw a lot of problems ultimately due to information lost when converting or transferring between two libraries (e.g., `time` -> `datetime` loses DST info in the tuple) Usage ----- Validation: >>> strict_rfc3339.validate_rfc3339("some rubbish") False >>> strict_rfc3339.validate_rfc3339("2013-03-25T12:42:31+00:32") True Indeed, we can then: >>> strict_rfc3339.rfc3339_to_timestamp("2013-03-25T12:42:31+00:32") 1364213431 >>> tuple(time.gmtime(1364213431))[:6] (2013, 3, 25, 12, 10, 31) No need for two function calls: >>> strict_rfc3339.rfc3339_to_timestamp("some rubbish") Traceback [...] strict_rfc3339.InvalidRFC3339Error Producing strings (for this example `TZ=America/New_York`): >>> strict_rfc3339.timestamp_to_rfc3339_utcoffset(1364213431) '2013-03-25T12:10:31Z' >>> strict_rfc3339.timestamp_to_rfc3339_localoffset(1364213431) '2013-03-25T08:10:31-04:00' And with `TZ=Europe/London`: >>> strict_rfc3339.timestamp_to_rfc3339_localoffset(1364213431) '2013-03-25T12:10:31+00:00' Convenience functions: >>> strict_rfc3339.now_to_rfc3339_utcoffset() '2013-03-25T21:39:35Z' >>> strict_rfc3339.now_to_rfc3339_localoffset() '2013-03-25T17:39:39-04:00' Floats: >>> strict_rfc3339.now_to_rfc3339_utcoffset(integer=True) # The default '2013-03-25T22:04:01Z' >>> strict_rfc3339.now_to_rfc3339_utcoffset(integer=False) '2013-03-25T22:04:01.04399Z' >>> strict_rfc3339.rfc3339_to_timestamp("2013-03-25T22:04:10.04399Z") 1364249050.0439899 Behind the scenes ----------------- These functions are essentially string formatting and arithmetic only. A very small number of functions do the heavy lifting. These come from two modules: `time` and `calendar`.
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