Port variant standard
Summary GTK+ DocBook Documentation Generator
Package version 1.33.2
Keywords textproc
Maintainer nobody
License GPLv2+
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 21 JAN 2021, 15:40:33 UTC
Port created 03 NOV 2017, 19:30:24 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single This package automatically generates DocBook documentation for GTK+ and Gnome, and converts the DocBook documentation into HTML.
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Build (only) itstool:single:standard
Build and Runtime docbook-xml:single:standard
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main mirror://GNOME/gtk-doc/1.33
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cc1b709a20eb030a278a1f9842a362e00402b7f834ae1df4c1998a723152bf43 507852 gtk-doc-1.33.2.tar.xz
Ports that require gtk-doc:standard
appstream-glib:standard Library for reading and writing AppStream metadata
at-spi2-core:standard Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
caja:standard File manager for the MATE desktop
consolekit:standard Framework for defining and tracking users
dconf:standard Configuration database system for GNOME
gcab:standard Cabinet file library and tool
gcr:standard Library for bits of crypto UI and parsing
gdl:standard GNOME Docking Library
gexiv2:standard GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library
graphene:standard Thin layer of graphic data types
gtk4:standard Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI
gtksourceview4:standard GTK3 syntax highlighting text widget
gtksourceview5:standard GTK3 syntax highlighting text widget
harfbuzz:standard OpenType text shaping engine
libdbusmenu:standard Library for passing menus over DBus
libidn2:standard IDNA2008 internationalized domain names library
libnice:standard Implementation of ICE standard (RFC 5245)
libnotify:standard Library for desktop notifications
libpeas:py310 GObject-based plugins engine (3.10)
libpeas:py39 GObject-based plugins engine (3.9)
libraqm:standard Complex Textlayout Library
librsvg:standard SVG vector-graphic files rendering library
libsoup-2.4:standard Simple Object Access Protocol implementation in C
libsoup:standard Simple Object Access Protocol implementation in C
libtasn1:standard ASN.1 structure parser library
mate-desktop:standard MATE desktop common UI API library
menu-cache:standard Caching mechanism for freedesktop-compliant menus
upower:standard D-Bus daemon for power management tasks