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Summary Single patch generator tool for Ravenports
Package version 1.70
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Keywords raven, devel
Maintainer John Marino
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Last modified 05 MAR 2021, 22:52:15 UTC
Port created 01 MAY 2017, 00:27:50 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single This is a set of three simple tools written in sh(1) for generating single patches for use in Ravenports. These are ideal for creating patches in the standard convention format. The first tool is "dupe" which is a quick copy utility. The second tool is "genpatch" which creates patches in the standard diff format and using the standard file name conventions. The last tool is "portfix" which runs "dupe", an editor of choice, and "genpatch" serially as a macro as a convenient and quick way to create port patches. Please see the dupe, genpatch, and portfix man pages for details.
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Ports that require genpatch:standard
ravensys-root:dragonfly DragonFly64 system root for Ravenports build env
ravensys-root:freebsd_amd64 FreeBSD-amd64 system root for Ravenports build env
ravensys-root:linux Linux system root for Ravenports build env
ravensys-root:macos MacOS/Darwin system root for Ravenports build env
ravensys-root:netbsd_amd64 NetBSD-amd64 system root for Ravenports build env
ravensys-root:sunos Solaris 10 system root for Ravenports build env