Port variant standard
Summary KF5 Extra modules and scripts for CMake
Package version 5.115.0
Homepage https://api.kde.org/frameworks/extra-cmake-modules/html/index.html
Keywords devel
Maintainer Michael Reim
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 11 FEB 2024, 03:38:52 UTC
Port created 17 JAN 2023, 23:37:45 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
complete This is the kf5-extra-cmake-modules-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of kf5-extra-cmake-modules-standard.
primary The Extra CMake Modules package, or ECM, adds to the modules provided by CMake, including ones used by find_package() to find common software, ones that can be used directly in CMakeLists.txt files to perform common tasks and toolchain files that must be specified on the command line by the user.
docs This is the documents subpackage of the kf5-extra-cmake-modules-standard port.
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Package Dependencies by Type
Build (only) python-Sphinx:single:v12
Build and Runtime qt5-qttools:primary:standard
Download groups
main https://download.kde.org/stable/frameworks/5.115/
Distribution File Information
ee3e35f6a257526b8995a086dd190528a8ef4b3854b1e457b8122701b0ce45ee 332504 kde5/extra-cmake-modules-5.115.0.tar.xz
Ports that require kf5-extra-cmake-modules:standard
kf5-attica:standard Open Collaboration Services API library, KDE5 vers
kf5-breeze-icons:standard Breeze icon theme for KDE
kf5-karchive:standard KF5 library for handling archive formats
kf5-kauth:standard KF5 abstraction for system policy / auth features
kf5-kcodecs:standard KF5 library for string manipulation
kf5-kcompletion:standard KF5 text completion helpers and widgets
kf5-kconfig:standard KF5 widgets for configuration dialogs
kf5-kcoreaddons:standard KF5 add-ons to QtCore
kf5-kcrash:standard KF5 library for crash analysis and bug reports
kf5-kdbusaddons:standard KF5 add-ons to QtDBus
kf5-kded:standard KF5 extensible daemon for system level services
kf5-kdoctools:standard KF5 documentation generation from docbook
kf5-kglobalaccel:standard KF5 lib supporting global workspace shortcuts
kf5-ki18n:standard KF5 advanced internationalization framework
kf5-kitemviews:standard KF5 widget add-ons for Qt Model/View
kf5-kjobwidgets:standard KF5 widgets for tracking KJob instance
kf5-kservice:standard KF5 advanced plugin and service introspection
kf5-kwidgetsaddons:standard KF5 add-ons to QtWidgets
kf5-kwindowsystem:standard KF5 library for accessing the windowing system
kf5-solid:standard KF5 hardware integration and detection
kf5-sonnet:standard KF5 plugin-based spell checking library
plasma-wayland-protocols:standard Plasma-specific protocols for Wayland