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single Decorators for Humans ===================== The goal of the decorator module is to make it easy to define signature-preserving function decorators and decorator factories. It also includes an implementation of multiple dispatch and other niceties (please check the docs). It is released under a two-clauses BSD license, i.e. basically you can do whatever you want with it but I am not responsible. Installation ------------- If you are lazy, just perform ``$ pip install decorator`` which will install just the module on your system. If you prefer to install the full distribution from source, including the documentation, clone the `GitHub repo`_ or download the tarball_, unpack it and run ``$ pip install .`` in the main directory, possibly as superuser. .. _tarball: .. _GitHub repo: Testing -------- If you have the source code installation you can run the tests with `$ python src/tests/ -v` or (if you have setuptools installed) `$ python test` Notice that you may run into trouble if in your system there is an older version of the decorator module; in such a case remove the old version. It is safe even to copy the module `` over an existing one, since we kept backward-compatibility for a long time. Repository --------------- The project is hosted on GitHub. You can look at the source here: Documentation --------------- The documentation has been moved to From there you can get a PDF version by simply using the print functionality of your browser. Here is the documentation for previous versions of the module: For the impatient ----------------- Here is an example of how to define a family of decorators tracing slow operations: .. code-block:: python from decorator import decorator @decorator def warn_slow(func, timelimit=60, *args, **kw): t0 = time.time() result = func(*args, **kw) dt = time.time() - t0 if dt > timelimit: logging.warn('%s took %d seconds', func.__name__, dt) else:'%s took %d seconds', func.__name__, dt) return result @warn_slow # warn if it takes more than 1 minute def preprocess_input_files(inputdir, tempdir): ... @warn_slow(timelimit=600) # warn if it takes more than 10 minutes def run_calculation(tempdir, outdir): ...
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