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Summary C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
Package version 8.6.0
Keywords security
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License PUBDOM
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Last modified 28 OCT 2021, 11:26:46 UTC
Port created 10 JAN 2021, 21:03:12 UTC
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single Crypto++ Library is a free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes. The library contains the following algorithms --------------------------------------------- authenticated encryption schemes: GCM, CCM, EAX, ChaCha20Poly1305, XChaCha20Poly1305 high speed stream ciphers: ChaCha (8/12/20), ChaCha (IETF) HC (128/256), Panama, Rabbit (128/256), Sosemanuk, Salsa20 (8/12/20), XChaCha (8/12/20), XSalsa20 AES and AES candidates: AES (Rijndael), RC6, MARS, Twofish, Serpent, CAST-256 other block ciphers: ARIA, Blowfish, Camellia, CHAM, HIGHT, IDEA, Kalyna (128/256/512), LEA, SEED, RC5, SHACAL-2, SIMECK, SIMON (64/128), Skipjack, SPECK (64/128), Simeck, SM4,Threefish (256/512/1024), Triple-DES (DES-EDE2 and DES-EDE3), TEA, XTEA block cipher modes of operation: ECB, CBC, CBC ciphertext stealing (CTS), CFB, OFB, CTR, XTS message authentication codes: BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s, CMAC, CBC-MAC, DMAC, GMAC (GCM), HMAC, Poly1305, SipHash, Two-Track-MAC, VMAC hash functions, BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s, Keccack (F1600), SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, SHAKE (128/256), SipHash, Tiger, RIPEMD (128/160/256/320), SM3, WHIRLPOOL public-key cryptography: RSA, DSA, Determinsitic DSA (RFC 6979), ElGamal, Nyberg-Rueppel (NR), Rabin-Williams (RW), EC-based German Digital Signature (ECGDSA), LUC, LUCELG, DLIES (variants of DHAES), ESIGN padding schemes for public-key systems: PKCS#1 v2.0, OAEP, PSS, PSSR, IEEE P1363 EMSA2 and EMSA5 key agreement schemes: Diffie-Hellman (DH), Unified Diffie-Hellman (DH2), Menezes-Qu-Vanstone (MQV), Hashed MQV (HMQV), Fully Hashed MQV (FHMQV), LUCDIF, XTR-DH elliptic curve cryptography: ECDSA, Determinsitic ECDSA (RFC 6979), ed25519, ECGDSA, ECNR, ECIES, x25519, ECDH, ECMQV insecure or obsolescent algorithms retained for backwards compatibility and historical value: MD2, MD4, MD5, Panama Hash, DES, ARC4, SEAL 3.0, WAKE-OFB, DESX (DES-XEX3), RC2, SAFER, 3-WAY, GOST, SHARK, CAST-128, Square
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