Port variant standard
Summary Library for creating trees of CORBA IDL files
Package version 0.8.14
Keywords devel
Maintainer Michael Reim
License LGPL21+
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Last modified 26 NOV 2019, 05:40:10 UTC
Port created 14 NOV 2017, 14:58:54 UTC
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single LibIDL is a library for creating trees of IDL (CORBA Interface Definition Language) files, a specification for defining portable interfaces. Initially written for ORBit (the ORB from the GNOME project and primary means of libIDL distribution), it was actually designed to be as portable and reusable as possible.
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c5d24d8c096546353fbc7cedf208392d5a02afe9d56ebcc1cccb258d7c4d2220 427149 libIDL-0.8.14.tar.bz2
Ports that require libIDL:standard
ORBit2:standard High-Performance CORBA Object Request Broker
gconf:standard Configuration database system for GNOME