Port variant py310
Summary Python subprocess replacement (3.10)
Package version 1.14.3
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants py39
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Last modified 25 JUL 2022, 23:38:49 UTC
Port created 02 FEB 2018, 15:29:04 UTC
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single :alt: Logo | :alt: Version :alt: Downloads Status :alt: Python Versions :alt: Build Status :alt: Coverage Status | sh is a full-fledged subprocess replacement for Python 2, Python 3, PyPy and PyPy3 that allows you to call *any* program as if it were a function: .. code:: python from sh import ifconfig print(ifconfig("eth0")) sh is *not* a collection of system commands implemented in Python. sh relies on various Unix system calls and only works on Unix-like operating systems - Linux, macOS, BSDs etc. Specifically, Windows is not supported. [Complete documentation here] Installation ============ :: $> pip install sh Support ======= * [Andrew Moffat] - author/maintainer * [Erik Cederstrand] - maintainer Developers ========== Updating the docs ----------------- Check out the `gh-pages `_ branch and follow the ``README.rst`` there. Testing ------- I've included a Docker test suite in the `docker_test_suit/` folder. To build the image, `cd` into that directory and run:: $> ./ This will install ubuntu 18.04 LTS and all supported python versions. Once it's done, stay in that directory and run:: $> ./ This will mount your local code directory into the container and start the test suite, which will take a long time to run. If you wish to run a single test, you may pass that test to `./`:: $> ./ FunctionalTests.test_unicode_arg To run a single test for a single environment:: $> ./ -e 3.4 FunctionalTests.test_unicode_arg Coverage -------- First run all of the tests:: $> SH_TESTS_RUNNING=1 coverage run --source=sh -m unittest This will aggregate a ``.coverage``. You may then visualize the report with:: $> coverage report Or generate visual html files with:: $> coverage html Which will create ``./htmlcov/index.html`` that you may open in a web browser.
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PY310 ON Build using Python 3.10 PY39 OFF Build using Python 3.9
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