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Summary GNU spell checker
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Last modified 13 JAN 2024, 19:39:50 UTC
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Subpackage Descriptions
complete This is the aspell-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of aspell-standard.
primary GNU Aspell is a Free and Open Source spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell. It can either be used as a library or as an independent spell checker. Its main feature is that it does a superior job of suggesting possible replacements for a misspelled word than just about any other spell checker out there for the English language. Unlike Ispell, Aspell can also easily check documents in UTF-8 without having to use a special dictionary. Aspell will also do its best to respect the current locale setting. Other advantages over Ispell include support for using multiple dictionaries at once and intelligently handling personal dictionaries when more than one Aspell process is open at once.
nls This is the native language support subpackage of the aspell-standard port.
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Package Dependencies by Type
Build (only) gmake:primary:standard
Build and Runtime libiconv:primary:standard
Runtime (only) indexinfo:single:standard (primary subpackage)
ravensys-gcc:cxx_run:standard (primary subpackage)
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main mirror://GNU/aspell
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d6da12b34d42d457fa604e435ad484a74b2effcd120ff40acd6bb3fb2887d21b 3567205 aspell-
Ports that require aspell:standard
aspell-af:standard Aspell Afrikaans dictionary
aspell-am:standard Aspell Amharic dictionary
aspell-ar:standard Aspell Arabic dictionary
aspell-ast:standard Aspell Asturian dictionary
aspell-az:standard Aspell Azerbaijani dictionary
aspell-be:standard Aspell Belarusian dictionary
aspell-bg:standard Aspell Bulgarian dictionary
aspell-bn:standard Aspell Bengali dictionary
aspell-br:standard Aspell Breton dictionary
aspell-ca:standard Aspell Catalan dictionary
aspell-cs:standard Aspell Czech dictionary
aspell-csb:standard Aspell Kashubian dictionary
aspell-cy:standard Aspell Welsh dictionary
aspell-da:standard Aspell Danish dictionary
aspell-de-alt:standard Aspell German Old Spelling dictionary
aspell-de:standard Aspell standard German dictionary
aspell-el:standard Aspell Greek dictionary
aspell-en:standard Aspell English dictionary
aspell-eo:standard Aspell Esperanto dictionary
aspell-es:standard Aspell Spanish dictionary
aspell-et:standard Aspell Estonian dictionary
aspell-fa:standard Aspell Persian (Farsi) dictionary
aspell-fi:standard Aspell Finnish dictionary
aspell-fo:standard Aspell Faroese dictionary
aspell-fr:standard Aspell French dictionary
aspell-fy:standard Aspell Frisian (Frysk) dictionary
aspell-ga:standard Aspell Irish (Gaelic) dictionary
aspell-gd:standard Aspell Scottish Gaelic dictionary
aspell-gl:standard Aspell Galician dictionary
aspell-grc:standard Aspell Ancient Greek dictionary
aspell-gu:standard Aspell Gujarati dictionary
aspell-gv:standard Aspell Manx Gaelic dictionary
aspell-hi:standard Aspell Hindi dictionary
aspell-hil:standard Aspell Hiligaynon dictionary
aspell-hr:standard Aspell Croatian dictionary
aspell-hsb:standard Aspell Upper Sorbian dictionary
aspell-hu:standard Aspell Hungarian dictionary
aspell-hus:standard Aspell Huastec (Tenek) dictionary
aspell-hy:standard Aspell Armenian dictionary
aspell-ia:standard Aspell Interlingua dictionary
aspell-id:standard Aspell Indonesian dictionary
aspell-is:standard Aspell Icelandic dictionary
aspell-it:standard Aspell Italian dictionary
aspell-kn:standard Aspell Kannada dictionary
aspell-ku:standard Aspell Kurdi dictionary
aspell-ky:standard Aspell Kirghiz dictionary
aspell-la:standard Aspell Latin dictionary
aspell-lt:standard Aspell Lithuanian dictionary
aspell-lv:standard Aspell Latvian dictionary
aspell-mg:standard Aspell Malagasy dictionary
aspell-mi:standard Aspell Maori dictionary
aspell-mk:standard Aspell Macedonian dictionary
aspell-ml:standard Aspell Malayalam dictionary
aspell-mn:standard Aspell Mongolian dictionary
aspell-mr:standard Aspell Marathi dictionary
aspell-ms:standard Aspell Malay dictionary
aspell-mt:standard Aspell Maltese dictionary
aspell-nb:standard Aspell Norwegian Bokmal dictionary
aspell-nds:standard Aspell Low Saxon dictionary
aspell-nl:standard Aspell Dutch dictionary
aspell-nn:standard Aspell Norwegian Nynorsk dictionary
aspell-ny:standard Aspell Nyanja dictionary
aspell-or:standard Aspell Oriya dictionary
aspell-pa:standard Aspell Punjabi dictionary
aspell-pl:standard Aspell Polish dictionary
aspell-pt_BR:standard Aspell Brazilian Portuguese dictionary
aspell-pt_PT:standard Aspell European Portuguese dictionary
aspell-qu:standard Aspell Quechua dictionary
aspell-ro:standard Aspell Romanian dictionary
aspell-ru:standard Aspell Russian dictionary
aspell-rw:standard Aspell Kinyarwanda dictionary
aspell-sc:standard Aspell Sardinian dictionary
aspell-sk:standard Aspell Slovak dictionary
aspell-sl:standard Aspell Slovenian dictionary
aspell-sr:standard Aspell Serbian dictionary
aspell-sv:standard Aspell Swedish dictionary
aspell-sw:standard Aspell Swahili dictionary
aspell-ta:standard Aspell Tamil dictionary
aspell-te:standard Aspell Telugu dictionary
aspell-tet:standard Aspell Tetum dictionary
aspell-tk:standard Aspell Turkmen dictionary
aspell-tl:standard Aspell Tagalog dictionary
aspell-tn:standard Aspell Tswana dictionary
aspell-tr:standard Aspell Turkish dictionary
aspell-uk:standard Aspell Ukrainian dictionary
aspell-uz:standard Aspell Uzbek dictionary
aspell-vi:standard Aspell Vietnamese dictionary
aspell-wa:standard Aspell Walloon dictionary
aspell-yi:standard Aspell Yiddish dictionary
aspell-zu:standard Aspell Zulu dictionary
enchant1:standard Dictionary/spellchecking framework (legacy)
enchant:standard Dictionary/spellchecking framework
hspell:aspell Aspell Hebrew dictionary
hunspell-de:standard Hunspell German dictionary
inkscape:standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editor
kf5-sonnet:standard KF5 plugin-based spell checking library
php81-pspell:standard PHP 8.1 extension: pspell (spell checker)
php82-pspell:standard PHP 8.2 extension: pspell (spell checker)
php83-pspell:standard PHP 8.3 extension: pspell (spell checker)
recoll:standard Full text search tool based on Xapian backend
weechat:standard Fast, light and extensible chat client