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Summary ELF Utility to modify dynamic linker and RPATH
Package version 0.14.5
Keywords sysutils
Maintainer nobody
License GPLv3+
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Last modified 26 FEB 2022, 15:49:49 UTC
Port created 08 SEP 2017, 03:17:05 UTC
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complete This is the patchelf-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of patchelf-standard.
primary PatchELF is a small utility to modify the dynamic linker and RPATH of ELF executables. Dynamically linked ELF executables always specify a dynamic linker or interpreter, which is a program that actually loads the executable along with all its dynamically linked libraries. (The kernel just loads the interpreter, not the executable.) For example, on a Linux/x86 system the ELF interpreter is typically the file /lib/ It is sometimes necessary to use a different ELF interpreter, say, when you want to test a version of Glibc installed in a location other than /lib. Precompiled third-party binaries may have interpreter paths that are incompatible with the target system. This is where PatchELF comes in. You can simply rewrite the executable: $ patchelf --set-interpreter /my/lib/ program This modifies the interpreter section of program to refer to the specified file. This is not quite trivial because the path of the new interpreter may be longer than the old one, in which case it won't fit. PatchELF takes care of growing the executable with sufficient space at the beginning to contain the new interpreter field. As a result, the resulting program may be one page (4 KiB) larger. Likewise it is possible to change or remove RPATHs embedded in ELF files.
docs This is the documents subpackage of the patchelf-standard port.
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