Port variant py310
Summary Invokes git to list all files (3.10)
Package version 0.1.2
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants py39
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Last modified 20 NOV 2021, 04:14:38 UTC
Port created 22 MAR 2021, 00:13:56 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single # setuptools_git_ls_files A plugin for setuptools that finds all git tracked files, including submodules. The command used is `git ls-files --cached --recurse-submodule`.
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
PY310 ON Build using Python 3.10 PY39 OFF Build using Python 3.9
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Build (only) python-pip:single:py310
Build and Runtime python310:single:standard
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main mirror://PYPIWHL/5a/f0/3cee4af64a4a6d171a5659b0bdae09980617db4f7255fe40f61bf267ed35
Distribution File Information
529aae209a631c90f1f1f1682f68968f9a690eb49aca38cd964276fd36d48497 3276 setuptools_git_ls_files-0.1.2-py2.py3-none-any.whl
Ports that require python-setuptools-git-ls-files:py310
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