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Summary Alternative regular expression module (3.10)
Package version 2022.4.24
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Last modified 27 APR 2022, 16:01:52 UTC
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single Introduction ------------ This regex implementation is backwards-compatible with the standard 're' module, but offers additional functionality. Note ---- The re module's behaviour with zero-width matches changed in Python 3.7, and this module will follow that behaviour when compiled for Python 3.7. Python 2 -------- Python 2 is no longer supported. The last release that supported Python 2 was 2021.11.10. PyPy ---- This module is targeted at CPython. It expects that all codepoints are the same width, so it won't behave properly with PyPy outside U+0000..U+007F because PyPy stores strings as UTF-8. Old vs new behaviour -------------------- In order to be compatible with the re module, this module has 2 behaviours: * **Version 0** behaviour (old behaviour, compatible with the re module): Please note that the re module's behaviour may change over time, and I'll endeavour to match that behaviour in version 0. * Indicated by the VERSION0 or V0 flag, or ``(?V0)`` in the pattern. * Zero-width matches are not handled correctly in the re module before Python 3.7. The behaviour in those earlier versions is: * ``.split`` won't split a string at a zero-width match. * ``.sub`` will advance by one character after a zero-width match. * Inline flags apply to the entire pattern, and they can't be turned off. * Only simple sets are supported. * Case-insensitive matches in Unicode use simple case-folding by default. * **Version 1** behaviour (new behaviour, possibly different from the re module): * Indicated by the VERSION1 or V1 flag, or ``(?V1)`` in the pattern. * Zero-width matches are handled correctly. * Inline flags apply to the end of the group or pattern, and they can be turned off. * Nested sets and set operations are supported. * Case-insensitive matches in Unicode use full case-folding by default. If no version is specified, the regex module will default to ``regex.DEFAULT_VERSION``. Case-insensitive matches in Unicode ----------------------------------- The regex module supports both simple and full case-folding for case-insensitive matches in Unicode. Use of full case-folding can be turned on using the FULLCASE or F flag, or ``(?f)`` in the pattern. Please note that this flag affects how the IGNORECASE flag works; the FULLCASE flag itself does not turn on case-insensitive matching. In the version 0 behaviour, the flag is off by default. In the version 1 behaviour, the flag is on by default. Nested sets and set operations ------------------------------ It's not possible to support both simple sets, as used in the re module, and nested sets at the same time because of a difference in the meaning of an unescaped ``"["`` in a set. For example, the pattern ``[[a-z]--[aeiou]]`` is treated in the version 0 behaviour (simple sets, compatible with the re module) as: * Set containing "[" and the letters "a" to "z" * Literal "--" * Set containing letters "a", "e", "i", "o", "u" * Literal "]" but in the version 1 behaviour (nested sets, enhanced behaviour) as:
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