Port variant standard
Summary Practical Extraction and Report Language
Package version 5.36.1
Keywords lang, perl, devel
Maintainer John Marino
License ART10 , GPLv1+ (dual)
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 24 APR 2023, 15:00:36 UTC
Port created 08 OCT 2022, 19:56:19 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
complete This is the perl-5.36-standard metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of perl-5.36-standard.
primary Perl is a language that combines some of the features of C, sed, awk and shell. See the manual page for more hype. There are also many books published by O'Reilly & Assoc. See pod/perlbook.pod for more information. This package contains everything except the man pages.
man This is the man page subpackage of the perl-5.36-standard port.
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
BIT64INT OFF Use 64 bit integers (on i386) DEBUG OFF Build with debugging support MULTIPLICITY ON Multiple interpret instances in same process THREADS ON Build threaded perl
Package Dependencies by Type
Build (only) gdbm:dev:standard
Build and Runtime gdbm:primary:standard
Runtime (only) autoselect-perl:single:standard
ravensys-gcc:libs:standard (primary subpackage)
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main mirror://CPAN/../../src/5.0
Distribution File Information
bd91217ea8a8c8b81f21ebbb6cefdf0d13ae532013f944cdece2cd51aef4b6a7 13053604 perl5/perl-5.36.1.tar.xz
Ports that require perl-5.36:standard
ImageMagick:standard Suite to create, edit, compose, or convert images
ImageMagick:x11 Image manipulation tool suite with X support
OpenSP:standard Collection of SGML/XML tools
R:standard Statistical computing and graphics environment
aom:standard Alliance for Open Media video codec
apache:standard Secure, efficient and extensible HTTP server
aspell:standard GNU spell checker
autoconf213:standard Automatic config tool for *nix (legacy version)
autoconf:standard Unix platform automatic configuration tool
automake:standard GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
bind:standard Berkeley Internet Name Domain (Domain Name Server)
bison:standard Yacc-compatible parser generator from FSF
ccache:standard Fast C/C++ compiler cache tool
comtrya:standard Configuration Management for Localhost
curl:embed Tiny curl PIC, http/s, file, scp protocol only
curl:standard Tool and library for transferring data with URLs
cyrus-imapd:standard High-performance mail store with IMAP support
cyrus-sasl:standard Cyrus Simple Authentication Service Layer (SASL)
ding:standard TK-based lookup program and dictionary (DE/EN)
docbook2X:standard Convert docbook into man and Texinfo
doxygen:standard Source code documentation generator tool
dpkg:standard Debian package maintenance system
erlang:standard Concurrent functional programming language
feh:standard Fast command line image viewer using Imlib2
ffmpeg5:standard Play, record, convert, and stream audio and video
ffmpeg6:standard Play, record, convert, and stream audio and video
ffmpeg:standard Play, record, convert, and stream audio and video
fftw:float Fast Fourier Transform library (float)
fftw:long Fast Fourier Transform library (long double)
fftw:quad Fast Fourier Transform library (quad precision)
fftw:standard Fast Fourier Transform library (double)
firefox:standard Mozilla web browser
gcc11:standard GNU Compiler collection (GCC), Series 11
gcc12:standard GNU Compiler collection (GCC), Series 12
gcc13:standard GNU Compiler collection (GCC), Series 13
gdk-pixbuf:standard Graphic library for GIMP toolkit
git:lite Distributed version control system (minimal)
git:standard Distributed version control system
gitolite:standard Finely-grained git repository hosting
glib:standard Some useful routines of C programming
glibmm:standard C++ interfaces for glib2
gnatcross-bootstrap:standard Gnatcross-to-native compiler generator
gnatcross:FAMD64_R12 C/Ada cross-compiler, target: FreeBSD/AMD64 (R12)
gnatcross:FARM64_R11 C/Ada cross-compiler, target: FreeBSD/ARM64 (R11)
gnatcross:FI386_R12 C/Ada cross-compiler, target: FreeBSD/I386 (R11)
gnatcross:MAMD64_R3 C/Ada cross-compiler, tgt: MidnightBSD/AMD64 (R3)
gnatcross:MI386_R3 C/Ada cross-compiler, tgt: MidnightBSD/I386 (R3)
gnatcross:SOL10 C/Ada cross-compiler, target: Solaris 10 (x86-64)
gnatstudio:standard Multilanguage IDE for Ada, SPARK, C/C++, and more
gnucash:standard Financial accounting software
gnulib:standard GNU portability library
groff:standard GNU troff text-formatting system
gsettings-desktop-schemas:standard Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop
gstreamer1:standard Media applications framework
gtk2:standard Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI
gtk3:standard Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI
gtk4:standard Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI
gtkada:standard Ada graphical toolkit based on Gtk3 components
gtksourceview3:standard GTK3 syntax highlighting text widget
help2man:standard Simple man page generator using program output
hexchat:standard Graphical IRC client based on XChat
hspell:hunspell Hunspell Hebrew dictionary
hunspell-de:standard Hunspell German dictionary
hunspell:standard Most popular spellchecking library
hyphen:standard Library for high quality hyphenation/justification
i3:standard Improved dynamic tiling window manager
i3status:standard Status bar for i3bar, dzen2, xmobar or similar
icon-naming-utils:standard Mapping for icons to naming scheme
imake:standard X.Org imake program and related utilities
inkscape:standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editor
intltool:standard Tools to internationalize various kinds of data
irssi:standard Modular IRC client with many features
kf6-kdoctools:standard KF6 documentation generation from docbook
krb5:standard MIT Kerberos 5 authentication system
ldns:standard Library for programs conforming to DNS RFCs
libabw:standard Library for parsing the AbiWord format
libcss:standard CSS parser and selection engine
libexo:standard Xfce application development library
libfm-qt:standard Core library of PCManFM-Qt file manager
libfreehand:standard Library for import of FreeHand drawings
libgtop:standard GNOME library to collect system monitoring data
libhubbub:standard HTML5 compliant parsing library
libical:standard Reference implementation of the iCalendar format
libidn:standard Internationalized Domain Name support library
libksba:standard Library handling X.509 certificates and CMS data
libparserutils:standard Library for building efficient parsers
libreoffice:standard Free Software Productivity Suite
librsvg-c:standard SVG vector-graphic files rendering library
librsvg:standard SVG vector-graphic files rendering library
libsigcxx2:standard Typesafe signal framework for C++
libsigcxx:standard Typesafe signal framework for C++
libvisio:standard Import filter and tools for MS Visio Diagrams
libvpx:standard VP8 Video Codec SDK
libvterm:standard VT220/xterm/ECMA-48 terminal emulator
libwpg:standard Import filter and tools for WordPerfect graphics
libxfce4util:standard Xfce utility library for non-GUI components
libxmlxx:standard API 5.0 C++ wrapper for libxml2 parser library
lxqt-menu-data:standard compliant menu files for LXQt
lyx:standard Document Processor WYSIWYM Editor & Latex frontend
mariadb1011:standard Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL
mariadb104:standard Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL
mariadb105:standard Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL
mariadb106:standard Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL
mariadb11:standard Fast SQL database server, derived from MySQL
midnight-commander:desktop Free Norton Commander clone (X11)
midnight-commander:standard Free Norton Commander clone
mosh:standard Mobile terminal that supports ratty connectivity
mozjs102:standard Standalone JS interpreter from Mozilla 102-esr
mpv:standard Advanced general-purpose multimedia player
mutt:standard Powerful terminal mail client
mysql57:standard Multithreaded SQL database (server)
mysql80:standard Multithreaded SQL database (server)
mysql81:standard Multithreaded SQL database (server)
mythes:standard Simple thesaurus library for Libreoffice
nasm:standard General-purpose x86 and amd64 assembler
ncftp:standard Set of free application programs implementing FTP
net-snmp:standard Extensible SNMP implementation
netpbm:standard Toolkit for manipulation of graphic images
nfsen:standard Web based frontend to nfdump netflow collector
nginx-unit:standard Dynamic web application server
nginx:loaded HTTP and reverse proxy server (all options)
nss:standard Application security development libraries
ntl:standard Victor Shoup's Number Theory Library
oath-toolkit:standard Library and tools for OATH authentication
openblas:standard Optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2
openjade:standard SGML/XML parser toolkit and DSSSL engine
openmp:standard LLVM Open Multi-Processing Runtime Library
openpgm:standard Implementation of PGM reliable multicast protocol
openssl10:standard SSL and crypto library
openssl11:standard SSL and crypto library
openssl30:standard SSL and crypto library
pango:standard Open-source framework for rendering of i18n text
parallel:standard Shell tool for executing jobs in parallel
pcmanfm-qt:standard File manager for the LXQt desktop
pcsc-lite:standard Smartcard development library
perl-Algorithm-AM:536 Classify data with Analogical Modeling (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-AdaBoost:536 AdaBoost learning algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-AhoCorasick:536 Efficient search for multiple strings (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Annotate:536 Represent change series in annotate form (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-BIT-XS:536 Binary indexed trees / Fenwick trees (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-BaumWelch:536 Hidden Markov Chain parameter estimation (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Bayesian:536 Bayesian Spam Filtering Algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-BestChoice:536 Choose the best (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-BinPack-2D:536 Efficiently pack items into rectangles (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-BinPack:536 Efficiently pack items into bins (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-BinarySearch-Vec:536 Binary search for vectors (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-BitVector:536 Bit vector operations (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Bitonic-Sort:536 Sorting numbers with Bitonic Sort (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-BloomFilter:536 Simple bloom filter data structure (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-BreakOverlappingRectangles:536 Break up overlapping rectangles (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Bucketizer:536 Distribute sized items to buckets (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Burg:536 Extrapolate time series using Burg's method (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-C3:536 Merge hierarchies using C3 algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-CRF:536 Perl binding for CRF++ (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-CheckDigits:536 Generate and test check digits (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Closest-NetworkAddress:536 Find closest network address (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Cluster-Thresh:536 Adds thresholds to hierarchical clustering (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Cluster:536 Perl interface to the C Clustering Library (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-ClusterPoints:536 Find clusters inside a set of points (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Combinatorics:536 Generation of combinatorial sequences (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-ConsistentHash-CHash:536 XS bindings to Consistent Hash library (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-ConsistentHash-JumpHash:536 Jump consistent hash algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-ConsistentHash-Ketama:536 Ketama Consistent Hashing for Perl (XS) (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-ConstructDFA-XS:536 C++ version of Algorithm::ConstructDFA (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-ConstructDFA:536 Deterministic finite automaton construction (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-ContextVector:536 Implementation based on cosine similarity (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-CouponCode:536 Generate and validate 'CouponCode' strings (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-CriticalPath:536 Critical path analysis over a Graph Object (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Cron:536 Abstract implementation of F scheduling (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-CurveFit:536 Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-DBSCAN:536 Density-Based Spatial Clustering (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Damm:536 Damm error correction check digit (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-DecisionTree:536 Classification of multidimensional data (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Dependency-MapReduce:536 Map/Reduce routines for Alg:Dep graphs (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Dependency-Objects:536 Object Dependency Algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Dependency:536 Base class for various dependency trees (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-DependencySolver:536 Solve scheduling access to shared resource (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Diff-Any:536 Find differences between files (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Diff-Callback:536 Use callbacks on computed differences (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Diff-HTMLTable:536 Show differences of a file as a HTML table (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Diff-XS:536 Algorithm::Diff with XS core loop (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Diff:536 Compute differences between two files/lists (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-DimReduction:536 Octave-based dimension Reduction tool (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-DistanceMatrix:536 Compute distance matrix for any metric (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Easing:536 Calculate eased translations over time (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Evolutionary-Simple:536 Run canonical evolutionary algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Evolutionary:536 Paradigm-free evolutionary algorithms (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-ExpectationMaximization:536 Expectation Maximization of clustering data (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-FEC:536 Forward Error Correction, Vandermonde (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-FastPermute:536 Rapid generation of permutations (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-FeatureSelection:536 Feature selection methods for text mining (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-FloodControl:536 Limit event processing to count/time ratio (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Functional-BFS:536 Functional approach to the breadth-first (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-FuzzyCmeans:536 Fuzzy c-means clustering (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-GDiffDelta:536 Generate GDIFF format binary deltas (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-GaussianElimination-GF2:536 Solve linear systems of equations on GF(2) (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-GenerateSequence:536 Sequence generator (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Genetic-Diploid:536 Extensible diploid genetic algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-GooglePolylineEncoding:536 Google's Encoded Polyline Algorithm Format (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Graphs-TransitiveClosure:536 Calculate the transitive closure (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-HITS-Lite:536 HITS Algorithm implementation not using PDL (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-HITS:536 Implementation of HITS algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-HyperLogLog:536 Cardinality estimation algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-IRCSRP2:536 IRC channel encryption algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-IncludeExclude:536 Build and evaluate include/exclude lists (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Interval2Prefix:536 Generate prefixes from intervals (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-KMeans:536 Perl Module for K-Means Clustering (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Kelly:536 Calculate fraction of a bankroll to bet (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-KernelKMeans:536 Weighted kernel k-means clusterer (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Kmeanspp:536 Perl implementation of K-means++ (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Knap01DP:536 0-1 Knapsack problem solver (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Knapsack:536 Brute-force solution of knapsack problem (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Kuhn-Munkres:536 Maximum weight perfect matching (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-LBFGS:536 Perl extension for L-BFGS (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-LUHN:536 Modulus 10 double add double checksum (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-LatticePoints:536 Run code for each lattice points (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-LeakyBucket:536 Leaky bucket rate limiting (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-LibLinear:536 Binding for LINEAR library (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Line-Bresenham:536 Simple pixellated line-drawing algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-LineSegments:536 Piecewise linear function approximation (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-LinearManifoldDataClusterer:536 Clusters data in low dimensional manifold (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Loops:536 Looping constructs (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-LossyCount:536 Approximate frequency count (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-MarkovChain:536 Object oriented Markov chain generator (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Merge:536 Three-way merge and diff (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Metric-Chessboard:536 Calculate distances on a square grid (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Munkres:536 Matrix assignment problem solution (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-NGram:536 Analyze token sequences with n-grams (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-NaiveBayes:536 Bayesian prediction of categories (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-NeedlemanWunsch:536 Sequence alignment (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Networksort-Chooser:536 Helper utility for Algorithm::Networksort (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Networksort:536 Create Sorting Networks (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Nhash:536 Exim nhash algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Numerical-Sample:536 Draw samples from a set (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Numerical-Shuffle:536 Shuffle a list (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-PageRank-XS:536 Fast PageRank implementation (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-PageRank:536 Calculate PageRank (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Pair-Best2:536 Pairings selector (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Pair-Swiss:536 Generate unique pairings for tournaments (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Partition:536 Partition a set of integers (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Paxos:536 Implementation of the Paxos protocol (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Permute:536 Object-oriented fast permutations (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Prefixspan:536 Prefix-projected Sequential Pattern mining (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-QuineMcCluskey:536 Solve sets of boolean terms (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-RabinKarp:536 Implementation of Rabin-Karp rolling hash (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-RandomMatrixGeneration:536 Generate internal cell values for a matrix (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-RandomPointGenerator:536 Generates sets of random points in 2D plane (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-RectanglesContainingDot:536 Find rectangles containing a given dot (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-RectanglesContainingDot_XS:536 Fast find rectangles containing a dot (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-SAT-Backtracking:536 Simple Backtracking SAT solver (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-SVMLight:536 Bindings to SVMLight machine learning (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Scale2x:536 Implementation of Scale2x algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Search:536 Module for traversing an object (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Shape-RandomTree:536 Randomized plant shape object generator (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Simplex:536 Tucker Tableaux simplex algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-SixDegrees:536 Find path through linked elements in a set (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-SkipList:536 Perl implementation of skip lists (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-SlopeOne:536 Slope One collaborative filtering (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-SocialNetwork:536 Social Network Analysis (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-SpatialIndex-Storage-Redis:536 Redis storage backend (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-SpatialIndex-Strategy-MedianQuadTree:536 QuadTree splitting on bucket medians (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-SpatialIndex:536 Flexible 2D/3D spacial indexing (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Statistic:536 Different statistical algorithms library (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Step:536 Trace execution steps of an algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-StringHash-FromCSharp35-XS:536 C#'s string Hashing Algorithm in V3.5 (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-TSort:536 Perl extension for topological sort (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-TokenBucket:536 Token bucket rate limiting algorithm (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Toy-HashSC:536 Toy separate chain hash implementation (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-TravelingSalesman-BitonicTour:536 Euclidean traveling-saleman problem solver (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Tree-NCA:536 Constant time retrieval of I (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-VSM:536 Retrieves files using VSM and LSA methods (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-VectorClocks:536 Generates a partial ordering of events (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-Voting:536 Voting algorithm implementations (5.36)
perl-Algorithm-WordLevelStatistics:536 Words Level Statics implementation (5.36)
perl-Alien-Base-ModuleBuild:536 Subclass for building Alien::modules (5.36)
perl-Alien-Build-Plugin-Download-GitLab:536 Alien::Build plugin to download from GitLab (5.36)
perl-Alien-Build:536 Build external dependencies for use in CPAN (5.36)
perl-Alien-CFITSIO:536 Build and Install the CFITSIO library (5.36)
perl-Alien-GSL:536 Easy installation of GNU Scientific Library (5.36)
perl-Alien-Libxml2:536 Installs libxml2 library on the system (5.36)
perl-Alien-cmake3:536 Find or download or build cmake 3 or better (5.36)
perl-Alien-patch:536 Find or build patch (5.36)
perl-Alien-wxWidgets:536 Building and using wxWidgets binaries (5.36)
perl-Any-Moose:536 (DEPRECATED) use Moo instead! (5.36)
perl-AnyEvent-HTTP-Message:536 AnyEvent::HTTP Request/Response objects (5.36)
perl-AnyEvent-HTTP:536 Simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client (5.36)
perl-AnyEvent-I3:536 Communicate with the i3 window manager (5.36)
perl-AnyEvent:536 Event loop programming interface (5.36)
perl-Apache-Htpasswd:536 Manage Unix crypt-style password file (5.36)
perl-Apache-LogFormat-Compiler:536 Compile a log format string to perl-code (5.36)
perl-App-Cmd:536 Write command line apps with less suffering (5.36)
perl-App-cpanminus:536 Get, build and install modules from CPAN (5.36)
perl-AppConfig:536 Reads and parses command line arguments (5.36)
perl-Archive-Any-Lite:536 Simple CPAN package extractor (5.36)
perl-Archive-Extract:536 Generic archive extracting mechanism (5.36)
perl-Archive-Zip:536 Provide an interface to ZIP archive files (5.36)
perl-Array-Diff:536 Find the differences between two arrays (5.36)
perl-Astro-FITS-CFITSIO:536 Extension for using the cfitsio library (5.36)
perl-Astro-FITS-Header:536 Object-oriented interface to FITS HDUs (5.36)
perl-Async-Interrupt:536 Allow C/XS to interrupt perl asynchronously (5.36)
perl-Authen-SASL:536 SASL Authentication framework (5.36)
perl-Authen-Simple:536 Simple Authentication (5.36)
perl-B-Hooks-EndOfScope:536 Execute code after scope compilation (5.36)
perl-B-Hooks-OP-Check:536 Wrap OP check callbacks (5.36)
perl-BSD-Resource:536 BSD process resource limits and priority (5.36)
perl-Bit-Vector:536 Efficient bit vector and "big int" library (5.36)
perl-CGI-Deurl-XS:536 Fast decoder for URL parameter strings (5.36)
perl-CGI:536 Common Gateway Interface actions (5.36)
perl-CLI-Osprey:536 MooX::Options + MooX::Cmd + Sanity (5.36)
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo:536 Extract distribution name and version (5.36)
perl-CPAN-Meta-Check:536 Verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object (5.36)
perl-Cache-FastMmap:536 Shared memory interprocess cache (5.36)
perl-Cache-Memcached-Fast:536 Perl client for memcached, in C language (5.36)
perl-Cache-Memcached:536 Client library for memory cache daemon (5.36)
perl-Canary-Stability:536 Compatibility canary for schmorp's modules (5.36)
perl-Capture-Tiny:536 Capture STDOUT and STDERR streams (5.36)
perl-Carp-Clan-Share:536 Share Carp settings with your whole Clan (5.36)
perl-Carp-Clan:536 Report errors from view of clan caller (5.36)
perl-Class-Accessor:536 Automated accessor generation (5.36)
perl-Class-Adapter:536 Implementation of "Adapter" Design Pattern (5.36)
perl-Class-Data-Inheritable:536 Inheritable, overridable class data (5.36)
perl-Class-Gomor:536 Another class and object builder (5.36)
perl-Class-Inspector:536 Get information about class structure (5.36)
perl-Class-Load-XS:536 XS implementation of parts of Class::Load (5.36)
perl-Class-Load:536 Working (require "Class::Name") and more (5.36)
perl-Class-Method-Modifiers:536 Provides Moose-like method modifiers (5.36)
perl-Class-Multimethods:536 Support subroutine overloading in perl (5.36)
perl-Class-Singleton:536 Implementation of a "Singleton" class (5.36)
perl-Class-Tiny:536 Minimalist class construction (5.36)
perl-Class-XSAccessor:536 Generate fast XS accessors (5.36)
perl-Clone-PP:536 Recursively copy Perl datatypes (5.36)
perl-Clone:536 Recursively copy Perl datatypes (5.36)
perl-Commandable:536 Utilities for commandline-based programs (5.36)
perl-Config-Any:536 Load configuration from various formats (5.36)
perl-Config-AutoConf:536 Module to implement some of AutoConf macros (5.36)
perl-Config-General:536 Generic Config Module (5.36)
perl-Config-INI-Tiny:536 Compact INI file parser (5.36)
perl-Config-JFDI:536 Scans directories for matching file names (5.36)
perl-Config-Tiny:536 Read/Write .ini style files efficiently (5.36)
perl-Context-Preserve:536 Preserve context after subroutine call (5.36)
perl-Convert-Color-XTerm:536 Indexed colors used by XTerm (5.36)
perl-Convert-Color:536 Color space conversions and named lookups (5.36)
perl-Convert-UU:536 Module for uuencode and uudecode (5.36)
perl-Cookie-Baker:536 Cookie string generator / parser (5.36)
perl-Cpanel-JSON-XS:536 Perl structure to JSON converter (5.36)
perl-Crypt-DES:536 Perl DES encryption module (5.36)
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-AES:536 Wrapper around OpenSSL's AES library (5.36)
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum:536 OpenSSL's multiprecision integer arithmetic (5.36)
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Guess:536 Guess OpenSSL include path (5.36)
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA:536 RSA encoding/decoding using OpenSSL library (5.36)
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Random:536 Pseudo-random number generator access (5.36)
perl-Crypt-PasswdMD5:536 Interoperable MD5-based crypt functions (5.36)
perl-Crypt-RC4:536 No description provided (5.36)
perl-Crypt-Rijndael:536 Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption (5.36)
perl-Crypt-URandom:536 Provide non blocking randomness (5.36)
perl-CryptX:536 Cryptographic toolkit (5.36)
perl-DBD-CSV:536 DBI driver for CSV files (5.36)
perl-DBD-SQLite:536 Self Contained SQLite RDBMS in a DBI Driver (5.36)
perl-DBI:536 Database independent interface for Perl (5.36)
perl-DBIx-Simple:536 Object-Oriented interface to DBI (5.36)
perl-Dancer2:536 Lightweight web application framework (5.36)
perl-Data-AutoBimap:536 Bidirectional map for enumerated strings (5.36)
perl-Data-Binary:536 Detection of binary vs text in strings (5.36)
perl-Data-CosineSimilarity:536 Computes the Cosine Similarity (5.36)
perl-Data-Dump:536 Pretty printing of data structures (5.36)
perl-Data-Dumper-Concise:536 Compact data dumps (5.36)
perl-Data-IEEE754:536 Big-endian IEEE754 floats and doubles (5.36)
perl-Data-OptList:536 Parse and validate name/value option pairs (5.36)
perl-Data-Printer:536 Color pretty printer for Perl (5.36)
perl-Data-Record:536 "split" on steroids (5.36)
perl-Data-Section:536 Read multiple hunks from DATA section (5.36)
perl-Data-Validate-IP:536 IPv4 and IPv6 validation methods (5.36)
perl-Data-Visitor:536 Visitor style traversal of data structures (5.36)
perl-Date-Manip:536 Date manipulation routines (5.36)
perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime:536 Parse and format time patterns (5.36)
perl-DateTime-Locale:536 Localization support for (5.36)
perl-DateTime-TimeZone:536 Time zone object base class and factory (5.36)
perl-DateTime:536 Date and time object for Perl (5.36)
perl-Debug-Client:536 Debug client side code for Padre (5.36)
perl-Devel-Caller:536 Meatier version of the core caller (5.36)
perl-Devel-CheckCompiler:536 Check the compiler's availability (5.36)
perl-Devel-CheckLib:536 Library availability checker (5.36)
perl-Devel-Declare:536 Deprecated - Adds keywords to perl in perl (5.36)
perl-Devel-Dumpvar:536 Pure-OO reimplementation of (5.36)
perl-Devel-Gladiator:536 Walk Perl's arena (5.36)
perl-Devel-GlobalDestruction:536 Functionality of global PHASE and DESTRUCT (5.36)
perl-Devel-Hide:536 Forces unavailability of specified modules (5.36)
perl-Devel-LexAlias:536 Alias lexical variables (5.36)
perl-Devel-MAT-Dumper:536 Write a heap dump file for later analysis (5.36)
perl-Devel-MAT:536 Perl Memory Analysis Tool (5.36)
perl-Devel-OverloadInfo:536 Introspect overloaded operators (5.36)
perl-Devel-PartialDump:536 Partial dumping of data structures (5.36)
perl-Devel-Refactor:536 Extension for refactoring Perl code (5.36)
perl-Devel-StackTrace-AsHTML:536 Displays stack trace in HTML (5.36)
perl-Devel-StackTrace:536 Object representing a stack trace (5.36)
perl-Devel-Symdump:536 Dump symbol names or the symbol table (5.36)
perl-Digest-BubbleBabble:536 Create bubble-babble fingerprints (5.36)
perl-Digest-HMAC:536 Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication (5.36)
perl-Digest-MurmurHash3-PurePerl:536 Pure perl implementation of MurmurHash3 (5.36)
perl-Digest-Perl-MD5:536 Ron Rivests MD5 Algorithm (5.36)
perl-Digest-SHA1:536 Perl interface to the SHA-1 algorithm (5.36)
perl-Dist-CheckConflicts:536 Declare version conflicts for your dist (5.36)
perl-EV:536 High-performance full-featured event loop (5.36)
perl-Email-Abstract:536 Unified interface to mail representations (5.36)
perl-Email-Address-XS:536 Parse and format RFC 5322 email addresses (5.36)
perl-Email-Date-Format:536 Produce RFC 2822 date strings (5.36)
perl-Email-MIME-ContentType:536 MIME Content-Type header handling (5.36)
perl-Email-MIME-Encodings:536 Interface to MIME encoding and decoding (5.36)
perl-Email-MIME:536 Easy MIME message handling (5.36)
perl-Email-MessageID:536 Generate world unique message-ids (5.36)
perl-Email-Sender:536 Library for sending email (5.36)
perl-Email-Simple:536 RFC2822 message parser (5.36)
perl-Encode-Detect:536 Subclass that detects the encoding of data (5.36)
perl-Encode-Locale:536 Determine the locale encoding (5.36)
perl-Error:536 Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way (5.36)
perl-Eval-Closure:536 Safely create closures via string eval (5.36)
perl-Exception-Class:536 Supports real exception classes in perl (5.36)
perl-Exporter-Easy:536 Takes the drudgery out of Exporting symbols (5.36)
perl-Exporter-Lite:536 Lightweight functions and variables export (5.36)
perl-Exporter-Tiny:536 Small exporter using only core modules (5.36)
perl-ExtUtils-CChecker:536 Configuration utilities for using C headers (5.36)
perl-ExtUtils-Config:536 Wrapper for perl's configuration (5.36)
perl-ExtUtils-Depends:536 Build XS extensions on top of XS extensions (5.36)
perl-ExtUtils-F77:536 Simple interface to F77 libs (5.36)
perl-ExtUtils-Helpers:536 Portability utilities for module builders (5.36)
perl-ExtUtils-InstallPaths:536 Build.PL install path logic made easy (5.36)
perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-CPANfile:536 Cpanfile support for EUMM (5.36)
perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig:536 Simplistic interface to pkg-config (5.36)
perl-ExtUtils-XSpp:536 Thin layer over XS to provide C++ support (5.36)
perl-FFI-CheckLib:536 Check that a library is available for FFI (5.36)
perl-Feature-Compat-Try:536 Provides try/catch syntax (5.36)
perl-File-ConfigDir:536 Get directories of configuration files (5.36)
perl-File-Copy-Recursive:536 Recursively copy files and directories (5.36)
perl-File-Find-Object:536 Object oriented File::Find replacement (5.36)
perl-File-Find-Rule:536 Alternative interface to File::Find (5.36)
perl-File-HomeDir:536 Locate home directory on any plaform (5.36)
perl-File-Listing:536 Parse directory listing (5.36)
perl-File-Map:536 Memory mapping made simple and safe (5.36)
perl-File-Remove:536 Remove files and directories (5.36)
perl-File-Share:536 Extend File::ShareDir to Local Libraries (5.36)
perl-File-ShareDir-Install:536 Install shared files (5.36)
perl-File-ShareDir:536 Locate per-dist and per-module shared files (5.36)
perl-File-Slurp-Tiny:536 Discouraged simple file slurper (5.36)
perl-File-Slurp:536 Reading/Writing/Modifying of complete files (5.36)
perl-File-Slurper:536 Read entire contents of file at once (5.36)
perl-File-Type:536 Determine file type using magic (5.36)
perl-File-Which:536 Implementation of which utility as an API (5.36)
perl-File-chdir:536 More sensible way to change directories (5.36)
perl-File-pushd:536 Change directory temporarily (5.36)
perl-Filesys-Notify-Simple:536 Simple and dumb file system watcher (5.36)
perl-Finance-Quote:536 Get quotes from various stock exchanges (5.36)
perl-Font-AFM:536 Interface to Adobe Font Metrics files (5.36)
perl-Font-TTF:536 TTF font support for Perl (5.36)
perl-FusionInventory-Agent:536 FusionInventory unified Agent for UNIX (5.36)
perl-GD:536 Interface to the libgd graphics library (5.36)
perl-GSSAPI:536 Access to the GSSAPIv2 library (5.36)
perl-Geo-IP:536 IP Address location and network lookup (5.36)
perl-Geography-Countries:536 Country codes in various formats (5.36)
perl-Getopt-Long-Descriptive:536 Getopt::Long, but simpler and more powerful (5.36)
perl-Getopt-Usaginator:536 Usage function creator for applications (5.36)
perl-Graph-Convert:536 Convert between Graph and Graph::Easy (5.36)
perl-Graph-Easy-As_svg:536 Converts Graph::Easy object to SVG text (5.36)
perl-Graph-Easy-Manual:536 HTML manual for Graph::Easy (5.36)
perl-Graph-Easy:536 Converts or renders graphs (5.36)
perl-Graph-RandomPath:536 Find random path between 2 graph vertices (5.36)
perl-Graph:536 Graph data structures and algorithms (5.36)
perl-Graphics-GnuplotIF:536 Dynamic Perl interface to gnuplot (5.36)
perl-Guard:536 Safe cleanup blocks (5.36)
perl-HTML-Element-Extended:536 Enhanced HTML::Element classes (5.36)
perl-HTML-Formatter:536 Base class for HTML formatters (5.36)
perl-HTML-Parser:536 HTML parser class (5.36)
perl-HTML-Selector-XPath:536 CSS Selector to XPath compiler (5.36)
perl-HTML-TableExtract:536 HTML table information extractor (5.36)
perl-HTML-Tagset:536 Data tables useful in parsing HTML (5.36)
perl-HTML-TokeParser-Simple:536 Easy to use HTML::TokeParser interface (5.36)
perl-HTML-Tree:536 Work with HTML in a DOM-like tree structure (5.36)
perl-HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath:536 Add XPath support to HTML::TreeBuilder (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Body:536 HTTP Body Parser (5.36)
perl-HTTP-CookieJar:536 Minimalist HTTP user agent cookie jar (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Cookies:536 HTTP cookie jars (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Daemon:536 Simple http server class (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Date:536 HTTP::Date - date conversion routines (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Entity-Parser:536 PSGI compliant HTTP Entity Parser (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Headers-Fast:536 Faster implementation of HTTP::Headers (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Message:536 HTTP style message (base class) (5.36)
perl-HTTP-MultiPartParser:536 HTTP MultiPart Parser (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Negotiate:536 Choose a variant to serve (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Proxy:536 Pure Perl HTTP proxy (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-Authen:536 Authentication plugin for HTTP (5.36)
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple:536 Lightweight HTTP server (5.36)
perl-HTTP-XSCookies:536 Fast XS cookie mangling for Perl (5.36)
perl-HTTP-XSHeaders:536 Fast XS Header library (5.36)
perl-Hash-FieldHash:536 Nimble field hash for inside-out objects (5.36)
perl-Hash-Merge-Simple:536 Recursively merge two or more hashes (5.36)
perl-Hash-MultiValue:536 Store multiple values per key (5.36)
perl-Hash-Ordered:536 Fast, pure-Perl ordered hash class (5.36)
perl-Heap:536 Extension for keeping data partially sorted (5.36)
perl-Hook-LexWrap:536 Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers (5.36)
perl-IO-Capture:536 Base Class for modules to capture output (5.36)
perl-IO-Compress-Brotli:536 Read/write Brotli buffers/streams (5.36)
perl-IO-HTML:536 Open HTML file with auto charset detection (5.36)
perl-IO-Socket-INET6:536 Interface AF_INET/AF_INET6 domain sockets (5.36)
perl-IO-Socket-SSL:536 Nearly ransparent SSL encapsulation (5.36)
perl-IO-Socket-Timeout:536 IO::Socket with read/write timeout (5.36)
perl-IO-String:536 Emulate file interface for in-core strings (5.36)
perl-IO-Stringy:536 I/O on core strings and arrays (5.36)
perl-IO-Tee:536 Multiplex output to multiple output handles (5.36)
perl-IO-TieCombine:536 Produce tied separate, combined variables (5.36)
perl-IO-Tty:536 Pseudo ttys and constants (5.36)
perl-IP-Country-DB_File:536 IPv4 and IPv6 to country translation (5.36)
perl-IP-Country:536 Country code lookup from IP addresses (5.36)
perl-IPC-Run3:536 Run subprocess with input/ouput redirection (5.36)
perl-IPC-Run:536 System() and background processes (5.36)
perl-IPC-System-Simple:536 Run commands with detailed diagnostics (5.36)
perl-Image-ExifTool:536 Read and write meta information (5.36)
perl-Image-Info:536 Extract meta information from image files (5.36)
perl-Import-Into:536 Import packages into other packages (5.36)
perl-Importer:536 Alternative interface for symbol export (5.36)
perl-Inline-C:536 C Language Support for Inline (5.36)
perl-Inline:536 Write Perl subroutines in other languages (5.36)
perl-JSON-Any:536 Deprecated JSON wrapper class (5.36)
perl-JSON-MaybeXS:536 Use fallback versions of XS (5.36)
perl-JSON-Parse:536 Convert JSON into perl (5.36)
perl-JSON-XS:536 Correct and fast JSON (de)serialising (5.36)
perl-JSON:536 JavaScript Object Notation encoder/decoder (5.36)
perl-LWP-MediaTypes:536 Guess media type for a file or a URL (5.36)
perl-LWP-Protocol-https:536 Provide https support for LWP::UserAgent (5.36)
perl-Lchown:536 Use the lchown(2) system call from Perl (5.36)
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect:536 Convert singular to plural
perl-List-AllUtils:536 Combines several list utilities (5.36)
perl-List-Compare:536 Compare elements of two or more lists (5.36)
perl-List-MoreUtils-XS:536 Provide XS-base list utilities (5.36)
perl-List-MoreUtils:536 Provide the stuff missing in List::Util (5.36)
perl-List-SomeUtils:536 Provide the stuff missing in List::Util (5.36)
perl-List-UtilsBy:536 Higher-order list utility functions (5.36)
perl-Locale-Msgfmt:536 Compile .po files to .mo files (5.36)
perl-Locale-gettext:536 Message handling functions (v536)
perl-Log-Any:536 Bringing loggers and listeners together (5.36)
perl-Log-Dispatch-FileRotate:536 Log to Files that Archive/Rotate Themselves (5.36)
perl-Log-Dispatch:536 Dispatches messages to one or more outputs (5.36)
perl-Log-Log4perl:536 Log4j implementation for Perl (5.36)
perl-Logic-Minimizer:536 Parent class for Logic minimizers (5.36)
perl-MIME-Charset:536 Charset Information for MIME (5.36)
perl-MIME-Types:536 Definition of MIME types (5.36)
perl-MRO-Compat:536 MRO::* interfaces for Perls < 5.9.5 (5.36)
perl-Mail-AuthenticationResults:536 Authentication-Results headers (5.36)
perl-Mail-DKIM:536 Handles internet mail DKIM signatures (5.36)
perl-Mail-DMARC:536 Perl implementation of DMARC (5.36)
perl-Mail-IMAPClient:536 IMAP4 client library (5.36)
perl-Mail-SPF:536 Sender Policy Framework implemenation (5.36)
perl-Mail-SpamAssassin:536 Extensible mail filter that identifies spam (5.36)
perl-MailTools:536 Various ancient e-mail related modules (5.36)
perl-Math-Base-Convert:536 Very fast base to base conversion (5.36)
perl-Math-Big:536 Routines (cos, sin, etc.) with big numbers (5.36)
perl-Math-BigInt-GMP:536 Replacement library for Math::BigInt::Calc (5.36)
perl-Math-Cephes:536 Perl interface to the math cephes library (5.36)
perl-Math-Combinatorics:536 Perform list combinations and permutations (5.36)
perl-Math-GSL:536 Interface to the GNU Scientific Library (5.36)
perl-Math-Int128:536 Manipulate 128 bits integers in Perl (5.36)
perl-Math-Int64:536 Manipulate 64 bits integers in Perl (5.36)
perl-Math-MatrixReal:536 Manipulate NxN matrices of real numbers (5.36)
perl-Math-Random-ISAAC-XS:536 C implementation of ISAAC PRNG algorithm (5.36)
perl-Math-Random:536 Random Number Generators (5.36)
perl-Math-Symbolic:536 Symbolic calculations (5.36)
perl-MaxMind-DB-Common:536 Common MaxMind DB functions (5.36)
perl-MaxMind-DB-Reader-XS:536 Fast XS implementation of MaxMind DB reader (5.36)
perl-MaxMind-DB-Reader:536 Read MaxMind DB files for IP address lookup (5.36)
perl-Mixin-Linewise:536 Supports linewise code for handles (5.36)
perl-Mock-Config:536 Temporarily set Config or XSConfig values (5.36)
perl-Module-Build-Tiny:536 Tiny replacement for Module::Build (5.36)
perl-Module-Build-XSUtil:536 Module::Build class for building XS modules (5.36)
perl-Module-Build:536 Build and install Perl modules (5.36)
perl-Module-CPANTS-Analyse:536 Generate Kwalitee ratings for distribution (5.36)
perl-Module-CPANfile:536 Parse cpanfile (5.36)
perl-Module-Compile:536 Perl Module Compilation (5.36)
perl-Module-ExtractUse:536 Find out what modules are used (5.36)
perl-Module-Find:536 Find installed modules in a (sub)category (5.36)
perl-Module-Implementation:536 Multiple module implementation loader (5.36)
perl-Module-Install:536 Standalone, extensible module installer (5.36)
perl-Module-Manifest:536 Parse Perl distribution MANIFEST file (5.36)
perl-Module-Pluggable:536 Provide module ability to have plugins (5.36)
perl-Module-Runtime-Conflicts:536 Conflicts information for Module::Runtime (5.36)
perl-Module-Runtime:536 Runtime module handling (5.36)
perl-Module-ScanDeps:536 Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies (5.36)
perl-Module-Starter:536 Simple starter kit for any module (5.36)
perl-Mojo-DOM58:536 Minimalistic HTML/XML DOM parser (5.36)
perl-Mojolicious:536 Real-time web framework (5.36)
perl-Moo:536 Minimalist Object Orientation (5.36)
perl-MooX-Locale-Passthrough:536 Provide API to skip translations (5.36)
perl-MooX-Options:536 Explicit Options eXtension for Object Class (5.36)
perl-MooX-StrictConstructor:536 Moo-based object constructor exceptions (5.36)
perl-MooX-TypeTiny:536 Optimized type checks for Moo + Type::Tiny (5.36)
perl-MooX-Types-MooseLike-Numeric:536 Moo types for numbers (5.36)
perl-MooX-Types-MooseLike:536 Some Moosish types and a type builder (5.36)
perl-Moose:536 Postmodern object system for Perl 5 (5.36)
perl-MooseX-FollowPBP:536 Name your accessors get_foo() and set_foo() (5.36)
perl-MooseX-Getopt:536 Role for processing command line options (5.36)
perl-MooseX-LazyRequire:536 Required attributes that fail only upon use (5.36)
perl-MooseX-Meta-TypeConstraint-ForceCoercion:536 Force coercion when validating constraints (5.36)
perl-MooseX-Method-Signatures:536 Deprecated method declarations (5.36)
perl-MooseX-Role-Parameterized:536 Moose roles with composition parameters (5.36)
perl-MooseX-Traits:536 Apply roles at object creation time (5.36)
perl-MooseX-Types-Common:536 Library of commonly used type constraints (5.36)
perl-MooseX-Types-Structured:536 Structured Type Constraints for Moose (5.36)
perl-MooseX-Types:536 Organise your Moose types in libraries (5.36)
perl-Mouse:536 Moose minus the antlers (5.36)
perl-Mozilla-CA:536 Mozilla's CA cert bundle in PEM format (5.36)
perl-Mozilla-PublicSuffix:536 Search Mozilla Public Suffix List (5.36)
perl-MusicBrainz-DiscID:536 Interface for MusicBrainz libdiscid library (5.36)
perl-Net-CIDR-Lite:536 Merges IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR addresses (5.36)
perl-Net-CUPS:536 Common Unix Printing System Interface (5.36)
perl-Net-DNS-Resolver-Mock:536 Mock a DNS Resolver object for testing (5.36)
perl-Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable:536 Programmable offline emulation of DNS (5.36)
perl-Net-DNS:536 Perl Interface to the Domain Name System (5.36)
perl-Net-HTTP:536 Low-level HTTP connection (client) (5.36)
perl-Net-IDN-Encode:536 Internationalizing Domain Names in Apps (5.36)
perl-Net-IMAP-Simple:536 Simple IMAP account handling (5.36)
perl-Net-IP:536 Manipulation of IPv4/IPv6 addresses (5.36)
perl-Net-IPv4Addr:536 No description provided (5.36)
perl-Net-LibIDN2:536 Perl bindings for GNU Libidn2 (5.36)
perl-Net-LibIDN:536 Perl bindings for GNU Libidn (5.36)
perl-Net-NBName:536 NetBIOS Name Service Requests (5.36)
perl-Net-Patricia:536 Patricia Trie for fast IP address lookups (5.36)
perl-Net-Pcap:536 Interface to the packet capture library (5.36)
perl-Net-SMTPS:536 SSL/STARTTLS support for Net::SMTP (5.36)
perl-Net-SNMP:536 Object oriented interface to SNMP (5.36)
perl-Net-SSLeay:536 Perl bindings for OpenSSL and LibreSSL (5.36)
perl-Net-Write:536 Interface to open and send raw network data (5.36)
perl-NetAddr-IP:536 Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets (5.36)
perl-Number-Compare:536 Numeric comparisons (5.36)
perl-Number-Format:536 Perl extension for formatting numbers (5.36)
perl-Number-Misc:536 Number::Misc - handy utilities for numbers (5.36)
perl-OLE-Storage_Lite:536 Read and write OLE storage files (5.36)
perl-ORLite-Migrate:536 Nimble SQLite-specific schema migration (5.36)
perl-ORLite:536 Extremely light weight SQLite-specific ORM (5.36)
perl-Object-Array:536 Array references with accessors (5.36)
perl-Onyphe:536 ONYPHE base class (5.36)
perl-OpenGL-GLUT:536 Perl bindings to the GLUT/FreeGLUT toolkit (5.36)
perl-OpenGL:536 Bindings to OpenGL API, GLU, GLUT/FreeGLUT (5.36)
perl-PAR-Dist:536 Create and manipulate PAR distributions (5.36)
perl-PDL:536 Perl Data Language (5.36)
perl-PGPLOT:536 PGPLOT wrapper for perl (5.36)
perl-POD2-Base:536 Base module for translations of Perl docs (5.36)
perl-POSIX-strftime-Compiler:536 GNU C library compatible strftime (5.36)
perl-POSIX-strptime:536 POSIX date parsing strptime(3) function (5.36)
perl-PPI:536 Parse and Manipulate Perl without Perl (5.36)
perl-PPIx-EditorTools:536 PPI base class and utility methods (5.36)
perl-PPIx-Regexp:536 Parse regular expressions (5.36)
perl-Package-DeprecationManager:536 Manage deprecation warnings of distribution (5.36)
perl-Package-Pkg:536 Handy package munging utilities (5.36)
perl-Package-Stash-XS:536 Better implementation of Package::Stash API (5.36)
perl-Package-Stash:536 Routines for manipulating stashes (5.36)
perl-PadWalker:536 Play with other peoples' lexical variables (5.36)
perl-Padre:536 Perl Application Dev. and Refactoring Env (5.36)
perl-Parallel-ForkManager:536 Simple parallel processing fork manager (5.36)
perl-Params-Util:536 Simple and compact param-checking functions (5.36)
perl-Params-Validate:536 Validate method/function parameters (5.36)
perl-Params-ValidationCompiler:536 Compile subroutine parameter validator (5.36)
perl-Parse-Distname:536 Parse a distribution name (5.36)
perl-Parse-EDID:536 Extended display identification data parser (5.36)
perl-Parse-ErrorString-Perl:536 Parse error messages from perl interpreter (5.36)
perl-Parse-ExuberantCTags:536 Efficiently parse exuberant ctags files (5.36)
perl-Parse-Functions:536 List all the functions in source code (5.36)
perl-Parse-Method-Signatures:536 Perl6 like method signature parser (5.36)
perl-Parse-RecDescent:536 Generate Recursive-Descent Parsers (5.36)
perl-Path-Class:536 Cross-platform path specification (5.36)
perl-Path-Iter:536 Simple Efficient Path Iteration (5.36)
perl-Path-Tiny:536 File path utility (5.36)
perl-Pegex:536 Acmeist PEG Parser Framework (5.36)
perl-Perl-PrereqScanner-NotQuiteLite:536 Perl code prerequisite scanner (5.36)
perl-Perl-Tidy:536 Indent and reformat perl scripts (5.36)
perl-Perl6-Export-Attrs:536 Implement Perl 6 'is export(...) in Perl 5 (5.36)
perl-PerlIO-Layers:536 Querying your filehandle's capabilities (5.36)
perl-PerlIO-utf8_strict:536 Fast and correct UTF-8 IO (5.36)
perl-PerlIO-via-Timeout:536 Layer that adds read and write timeouts (5.36)
perl-PkgConfig:536 Perl core-only replacement for pkg-config (5.36)
perl-Plack-Middleware-FixMissingBodyInRedirect:536 Plack::Middleware for redirect response (5.36)
perl-Plack-Middleware-RemoveRedundantBody:536 Plack::Middleware to remove HTTP body (5.36)
perl-Plack:536 Glue for Web frameworks and Web Servers (5.36)
perl-Pod-Abstract:536 Abstract document tree for POD documents (5.36)
perl-Pod-Coverage:536 Checks comprehensiveness of documentation (5.36)
perl-Pod-Eventual:536 Read POD documents as trivial events (5.36)
perl-Pod-POM:536 POD Object Model (5.36)
perl-Pod-Parser:536 Modules for parsing POD format documents (5.36)
perl-Pod-Spell-CommonMistakes:536 Catches common typos in POD (5.36)
perl-Pod-Spell:536 Formatter for spellchecking Pod (5.36)
perl-Pod-Strip:536 Remove POD from Perl code (5.36)
perl-Probe-Perl:536 Information about currently running perl (5.36)
perl-Proc-Daemon:536 Run Perl program(s) as a daemon process (5.36)
perl-Proc-ProcessTable:536 Extension to access the unix process table (5.36)
perl-Quantum-Superpositions:536 QM-like superpositions in Perl (5.36)
perl-Razor2-Client-Agent:536 UI routines for razor agents (5.36)
perl-Readonly:536 Create read-only scalars, arrays and hashes (5.36)
perl-Redis:536 Perl binding for Redis database (5.36)
perl-Ref-Util-XS:536 XS implementation for Ref::Util (5.36)
perl-Ref-Util:536 Utility functions for checking references (5.36)
perl-Regexp-Common:536 Commonly requested regular expressions (5.36)
perl-Regexp-IPv4:536 Regular expression for IPv4 addresses (5.36)
perl-Regexp-IPv6:536 Regular expression for IPv6 addresses (5.36)
perl-Regexp-Trie:536 Builds trie-ized regexp (5.36)
perl-Regexp-Util:536 General utility rexexp subroutines (5.36)
perl-Return-MultiLevel:536 Return across multiple call levels (5.36)
perl-Role-Tiny:536 Roles: small slice of Moose (5.36)
perl-SQL-Statement:536 SQL parsing and processing engine (5.36)
perl-SUPER:536 Control superclass method dispatch (5.36)
perl-Safe-Isa:536 Safe action on potential non-objects (5.36)
perl-Scope-Guard:536 Lexically-scoped resource management (5.36)
perl-Scope-Upper:536 Act on upper scopes (5.36)
perl-Sereal-Decoder:536 Fast and compact binary deserialization (5.36)
perl-Sereal-Encoder:536 Fast and compact binary serialization (5.36)
perl-Set-Object:536 Unordered collections (sets) of objects (5.36)
perl-Set-Scalar:536 Basic set operations (5.36)
perl-Shell-Config-Generate:536 Portably generate config for any shell (5.36)
perl-Shell-Guess:536 Returns likely shell in use (5.36)
perl-Smart-Args-TypeTiny:536 We are smart, smart for you (5.36)
perl-Smart-Args:536 Argument validation for you (5.36)
perl-Smart-Comments:536 Comments that do more than just sit there (5.36)
perl-Socket-GetAddrInfo:536 Address name resolving functions (5.36)
perl-Socket6:536 Provides routines to various IPv6 functions (5.36)
perl-Software-License-CCpack:536 Pack of Creative Commons licenses (5.36)
perl-Software-License:536 Provision of templates software licenses (5.36)
perl-Sort-Key-Top:536 Select and sort top n elements (5.36)
perl-Sort-Key:536 Fastest way to sort anything in Perl (5.36)
perl-Sort-Naturally:536 Sort lexically but with digits numerically (5.36)
perl-Sort-Versions:536 Module for sorting of revision-like numbers (5.36)
perl-Specio:536 Type constraints and coercions for Perl (5.36)
perl-Spiffy:536 Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You (5.36)
perl-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel:536 Read information from an Excel file (5.36)
perl-Spreadsheet-XLSX:536 Extension for reading MS Excel 2007 files (5.36)
perl-Starlink-AST:536 Interface to the Starlink AST library (5.36)
perl-Statistics-Basic:536 Collection of very basic statistics modules (5.36)
perl-Statistics-CaseResampling:536 Resampling and calculation of medians (5.36)
perl-Stream-Buffered:536 Temporary buffer to save bytes (5.36)
perl-String-CRC32:536 Cyclic Redundency Check generation (5.36)
perl-String-Random:536 Generate random strings based on a pattern (5.36)
perl-String-RewritePrefix:536 Rewrite strings based on prefixes (5.36)
perl-String-Tagged-Terminal:536 Formats terminal output (5.36)
perl-String-Tagged:536 String buffers with value tags on extents (5.36)
perl-String-Util:536 String processing utility functions (5.36)
perl-Struct-Dumb:536 Simple, lightweight record-like structures (5.36)
perl-Sub-Exporter-ForMethods:536 Sub::Exporter method helper routines (5.36)
perl-Sub-Exporter-Progressive:536 Only use Sub::Exporter if you need it (5.36)
perl-Sub-Exporter:536 Exporter for custom-built routines (5.36)
perl-Sub-Identify:536 Retrieve names of code references (5.36)
perl-Sub-Info:536 Tool for inspecting subroutines (5.36)
perl-Sub-Install:536 Install subroutines into packages easily (5.36)
perl-Sub-Name:536 (Re)name a sub (5.36)
perl-Sub-Override:536 Extension for easily overriding subroutines (5.36)
perl-Sub-Quote:536 Generation of subroutines via string eval (5.36)
perl-Sub-Uplevel:536 Run function in a higher stack frame (5.36)
perl-Syntax-Keyword-Match:536 Match/Case syntax for Perl (5.36)
perl-Syntax-Keyword-Try:536 Try/Catch/Finally syntax for Perl (5.36)
perl-Sys-MemInfo:536 Returns free and used physical memory (5.36)
perl-Sysadm-Install:536 Typical installation tasks for sysadmins (5.36)
perl-Task-Weaken:536 Ensure that a platform has weaken support (5.36)
perl-Template-Tiny:536 Small template toolkit (5.36)
perl-Template-Toolkit:536 Comprehensive template processing system (5.36)
perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu:536 Extension for GNU Readline/History Library (5.36)
perl-Term-Size-Any:536 Retrieve terminal size (5.36)
perl-Term-Size-Perl:536 Extension for retrieving terminal size (5.36)
perl-Term-Table:536 Format a header and rows into a table (5.36)
perl-TermReadKey:536 Change terminal modes
perl-Test-Base:536 Data Driven Testing Framework (5.36)
perl-Test-CPAN-Meta:536 Validate your CPAN META.json files (5.36)
perl-Test-CheckDeps:536 Check for presence of dependencies (5.36)
perl-Test-Class:536 Create xUnit/JUnit-style test classes (5.36)
perl-Test-ClassAPI:536 API for testing large class trees (5.36)
perl-Test-Compile:536 Assert that your Perl files compile OK (5.36)
perl-Test-Deep:536 Extremely flexible deep comparison (5.36)
perl-Test-Differences:536 String and data structure comparison (5.36)
perl-Test-Exception-LessClever:536 (DEPRECATED) Test::Exception simplified (5.36)
perl-Test-Exception:536 Test exception-based code (5.36)
perl-Test-Fatal:536 Helpers for testing code with exceptions (5.36)
perl-Test-File-ShareDir:536 Creates a Fake ShareDir for testing (5.36)
perl-Test-File:536 Test file attributes (5.36)
perl-Test-Fork:536 Test code which forks (5.36)
perl-Test-Kwalitee:536 Pre-release Kwalitee tester (5.36)
perl-Test-LeakTrace:536 Memory leak tracing functions (5.36)
perl-Test-LongString:536 Tests strings for equality (5.36)
perl-Test-MemoryGrowth:536 Assert when code increases memory usage (5.36)
perl-Test-MockModule:536 Override subroutines for unit testing (5.36)
perl-Test-MockObject:536 Emulates troublesome interfaces (5.36)
perl-Test-Most:536 Most commonly needed test functions (5.36)
perl-Test-Needs:536 Skip tests when modules not available (5.36)
perl-Test-NoWarnings:536 Prevent warning emissions during testing (5.36)
perl-Test-Number-Delta:536 Compare number differences within tolerance (5.36)
perl-Test-Pod-Coverage:536 Check for pod coverage in your distribution (5.36)
perl-Test-Pod:536 Check for POD errors in files (5.36)
perl-Test-Requires:536 Checks to see if the module can be loaded (5.36)
perl-Test-RequiresInternet:536 Easily test network connectivity (5.36)
perl-Test-Script:536 Basic cross-platform tests for scripts (5.36)
perl-Test-SharedFork:536 Utility module for Test::Builder for forks (5.36)
perl-Test-TCP:536 Testing TCP program (5.36)
perl-Test-Taint:536 Checks for taintedness of variables (5.36)
perl-Test-Toolbox:536 Test::Toolbox - tools for testing (5.36)
perl-Test-UseAllModules:536 Do use_ok() for all the MANIFESTed modules (5.36)
perl-Test-Warn:536 Perl extension to test methods for warnings (5.36)
perl-Test2-Suite:536 Tools built upon Test2 framework (5.36)
perl-Text-Aligner:536 Module to align text (5.36)
perl-Text-CSV_XS:536 Comma-Separated Values handling routines (5.36)
perl-Text-Diff:536 Perform diffs on files and record sets (5.36)
perl-Text-FindIndent:536 Heuristically determine the indent style (5.36)
perl-Text-Glob:536 Match globbing patterns against text (5.36)
perl-Text-Patch:536 Patches text with given patch (5.36)
perl-Text-SimpleTable:536 Simple eyecandy ASCII tables (5.36)
perl-Text-Soundex:536 Implementation of the soundex algorithm (5.36)
perl-Text-Table:536 Organize Data in Tables (5.36)
perl-Text-Template:536 Expand template text with embedded Perl (5.36)
perl-Text-Unidecode:536 ASCII transliterations of Unicode text (5.36)
perl-Text-VisualWidth-PP:536 Pure-perl multi-width character functions (5.36)
perl-Text-VisualWidth:536 Multi-width character trim functions (5.36)
perl-Text-WrapI18N:536 Multibyte text line wrapping module (5.36)
perl-Throwable:536 Role for classes that can be thrown (5.36)
perl-Tie-Cycle:536 Cycle through a list of values via a scalar (5.36)
perl-Tie-IxHash:536 Ordered associative arrays for Perl (5.36)
perl-Tie-ToObject:536 Tie to an existing object (5.36)
perl-Time-timegm:536 UTC version of mktime() (5.36)
perl-TimeDate:536 Parse date strings into time values (5.36)
perl-Tk-Zinc:536 Another graphics canvas (5.36)
perl-Tk:536 Tk - a Graphical User Interface Toolkit (5.36)
perl-Tree-DAG_Node:536 Binary N-ary tree (5.36)
perl-Try-Tiny:536 Minimal try/catch with preservation of $@ (5.36)
perl-Type-Tiny-XS:536 XS boost for Type::Tiny's type constraints (5.36)
perl-Type-Tiny:536 Moo(se) compatible type constraint (5.36)
perl-Types-Serialiser:536 Data types for common serialisation formats (5.36)
perl-UNIVERSAL-can:536 Work around bad code calling UNIVERSAL::can (5.36)
perl-UNIVERSAL-isa:536 Work around bad code calling UNIVERSAL::isa (5.36)
perl-UNIVERSAL-require:536 Require() modules from a variable (5.36)
perl-URI-cpan:536 URLs that refer to things on the CPAN (5.36)
perl-URI:536 Uniform Resource Identifiers (5.36)
perl-URL-Encode-XS:536 XS implementation of URL::Encode (5.36)
perl-URL-Encode:536 Handles application/x-www-form-encoded (5.36)
perl-Unicode-EastAsianWidth:536 East Asian Width properties (5.36)
perl-Unicode-LineBreak:536 UAX #14 Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm (5.36)
perl-Unicode-String:536 String of Unicode characters (UTF-16BE) (5.36)
perl-Unicode-UTF8:536 Encoding and decoding of UTF-8 form (5.36)
perl-WWW-Form-UrlEncoded:536 Parser of application/x-www-form-urlencoded (5.36)
perl-WWW-RobotRules:536 Database of robots.txt-derived permissions (5.36)
perl-Web-Scraper:536 Web Scraping Toolkit (5.36)
perl-WebService-MusicBrainz:536 Web service API to MusicBrainz database (5.36)
perl-Wx-Perl-ProcessStream:536 Access IO of external processes via events (5.36)
perl-Wx-Scintilla:536 Scintilla source code editing for wxWidgets (5.36)
perl-Wx:536 Interface to the wxWidgets GUI toolkit (5.36)
perl-XML-DOM:536 Build DOM Level 1 compliant structures (5.36)
perl-XML-LibXML:536 Interface to Gnome xml2 library (5.36)
perl-XML-NamespaceSupport:536 Simple generic namespace processor (5.36)
perl-XML-Parser-Style-EasyTree:536 Parse xml to simple tree (5.36)
perl-XML-Parser:536 Perl module for parsing XML documents (5.36)
perl-XML-RegExp:536 Regular expressions for XML tokens (5.36)
perl-XML-SAX-Base:536 Base class for SAX Drivers and Filters (5.36)
perl-XML-SAX-Expat:536 SAX Driver for Expat (5.36)
perl-XML-SAX:536 Simple API for XML (5.36)
perl-XML-Simple:536 API for simple XML files (5.36)
perl-XML-TreePP:536 XML document parser and writer (5.36)
perl-XML-XPath:536 Parse and evaluate XPath statements (5.36)
perl-XML-XPathEngine:536 Re-usable XPath engine for DOM-like trees (5.36)
perl-XS-Parse-Keyword:536 XS functions for parsing keyword syntax (5.36)
perl-XString:536 Isolated String helpers from B (5.36)
perl-XXX:536 See Your Data in the Nude (5.36)
perl-YAML-LibYAML:536 YAML Serialization using XS and libyaml (5.36)
perl-YAML-PP:536 YAML 1.2 Processor (5.36)
perl-YAML-Tiny:536 Read/Write YAML files efficiently (5.36)
perl-YAML:536 YAML Ain't Markup Languageā„¢ (5.36)
perl-aliased:536 Use shorter versions of class names (5.36)
perl-common-sense:536 Sane defaults for Perl programs (5.36)
perl-enum:536 C style enumerated types and bitmask flags (5.36)
perl-inc-latest:536 Use modules bundled in inc/ if newest (5.36)
perl-lib-abs:536 Relative-to-absolate path converter (5.36)
perl-libwww-perl:536 World-Wide Web library for Perl (5.36)
perl-libxml-perl:536 No description provided (5.36)
perl-mod_perl:536 Persistent Perl interpreter for web server (5.36)
perl-namespace-autoclean:536 Keep imports out of your namespace (5.36)
perl-namespace-clean:536 Keep imports and functions out of namespace (5.36)
perl-strictures:536 Turn on strict and make most warnings fatal (5.36)
perl-subversion:536 Perl bindings to Subversion (v536)
pgplot:standard FORTRAN/C scientific graphic library
plan9port:standard Plan 9 from User Space
po4a:standard Tools to ease the translation of documentation
postgis:standard Spatial and Geographic objects for PostgreSQL
postgresql12:standard Powerful, open source object-relational database
postgresql13:standard Powerful, open source object-relational database
postgresql14:standard Powerful, open source object-relational database
postgresql15:standard Powerful, open source object-relational database
postgresql16:standard Powerful, open source object-relational database
qemu:standard Fast CPU emulator and virtualizer for x86 platform
qt5-qtbase:standard Qt5 - QtBase component
qt5-qtdeclarative:standard Qt5 - QtDeclarative component
qt5-qtimageformats:standard Qt5 - QtImageFormats component
qt5-qtlocation:standard Qt5 - QtLocation component
qt5-qtmultimedia:standard Qt5 - QtMultimedia component
qt5-qtscript:standard Qt5 - QtScript component
qt5-qtsensors:standard Qt5 - QtSensors component
qt5-qtsvg:standard Qt5 - QtSvg component
qt5-qttools:standard Qt5 - QtTools component
qt5-qtwebchannel:standard Qt5 - QtWebChannel component
qt5-qtx11extras:standard Qt5 - QtX11Extras component
qt5-qtxmlpatterns:standard Qt5 - QtXmlPatterns component
qt6-qtbase:standard Qt6 - QtBase component
qt6-qtdeclarative:standard Qt6 - QtDeclarative component
qt6-qtmultimedia:standard Qt6 - QtMultimedia component
qt6-qtquick3d:standard Qt6 - QtQuick3D component
qt6-qtquicktimeline:standard Qt6 - QtQuickTimeLine component
qt6-qtshadertools:standard Qt6 - QtShadertools component
qt6-qtsvg:standard Qt6 - QtSvg component
qt6-qttools:standard Qt6 - QtTools component
qt6-qttranslations:standard Qt6 - QtTranslations component
qt6-qtwayland:standard Qt6 - QtWayland component
rasqal:standard RDF Query Library for Redland
ravensys-gcc:standard GNU Compiler collection (GCC), Series 13
redland:bdb RDF Application Framework (BDB backend)
redland:mysql RDF Application Framework (MySQL backend)
redland:pgsql RDF Application Framework (PostgreSQL backend)
redland:standard RDF Application Framework (SQLite backend)
redland:virtuoso RDF Application Framework (Virtuoso backend)
rrdtool:standard Round Robin Database tools
rsnapshot:standard Local and remote filesystem snapshot utility
rspamd:standard Fast, free and open-source spam filtering system
snowball:standard String proc lang for creating stemming algorithms
spidermonkey:standard Standalone JS interpreter from Mozilla 115-esr
ssvnc:standard Enhanced TightVNC Viewer
stunnel:standard SSL/TLS offloading and load-balancing proxy
texi2html:standard Texinfo to HTML converter
texinfo:standard Typeset documentation system, multiple formats
texlive-bin:standard Binary and input files for TeXlive
thunderbird:standard Mozilla Thunderbird mail/newsgroup client
unibilium:standard Very basic terminfo library
video4linux:standard Video device drivers
vim:loaded VIsual editor iMproved (all options + X)
w3m:standard Pager/text-based WWW browser
webkit2:api40 Opensource browser engine using GTK+3 (API 4.0)
webkit2:api41 Opensource browser engine using GTK+3 (API 4.1)
webkit2:api60 Opensource browser engine using GTK4 (API 6.0)
weechat:standard Fast, light and extensible chat client
wget:standard Program to retrieve files via http/s and ftp
wireshark:standard Network traffic analyzer
xfce4-panel:standard Panel for the Xfce4 desktop environment
xfconf:standard Simple client-server configuration system for Xfce
xorg-pixman:standard Low-level pixel manipulation library
xorg-server:nest Nesting X server from X.Org
xorg-server:standard X.Org X server and related programs
xorg-server:virtual X virtual framebuffer server from X.Org
xorg-server:xephyr X server from X.Org based on kdrive
xorg-x11:standard X-Window system library
xorg-xkeyboard-config:standard X Keyboard Configuration Database
xscreensaver:standard Screen saver and locker for X11
ytnef:standard Unpack data in MS Outlook TNEF format
zip-ada:standard Zip compression library written in Ada
znc:standard Advanced IRC bouncer
zoom:standard Player for Z-Code, TADS and HUGO stories or games